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You usually use it on your face, this time on your white shoes.  They will look like new

You usually use it on your face, this time on your white shoes. They will look like new

White shoes are a great complement to any styling, but keeping them clean can be very troublesome. How to clean white shoes without damaging it? Check out home remedies to keep your shoes looking like new.

White shoes look beautiful, especially right after purchase. Over time, however, they begin to turn yellow or gray. How to deal with this? Is it possible to save the white ones and restore their beautiful appearance? We suggest home ways to restore white sneakers.

How to clean white leather shoes? The liquid you use on your face will come in handy

It turns out that white leather is easy to clean with products that most of us have at home. The first step is to remove the laces and place them in a separate bowl with water and bleach. Then, apply the micellar water that you use to cleanse your face every day. At the same time as applying the liquid, also apply the soap. Use a soft cloth to spread both ingredients on the surface of the shoe. You can easily clean the sole with a cleaning milk. Apply some liquid and scrub it with a dishwashing sponge. This way your white shoes will look like new. Just rinse them and let them dry. Remember not to put them on the stove or in the sun, as it may turn yellow.

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How to clean white canvas sneakers? Hydrogen peroxide and soda will help you

To clean canvas shoes, mix water with soap and a damp cloth, perform the first wash, and then pour water, hydrogen peroxide and soda into the bowl. Mix and apply the mixture to the fabric, spreading it with a toothbrush. Leave it on for a few hours, then scrub again and remove any polish residue. Remember not to wash canvas sneakers in the washing machine, as they can get damaged. Also, do not use bleach, as it is a strong chemical that can burn the material.

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