A branch of Único Supermarket, a company belonging to the family of Antonela Roccuzzo, Lionel Messi’s wife, was shot at dawn on February 2, and is located in the center of Rosario, Argentina.

The place suffered 14 gunshot wounds to the forehead, and the perpetrators, two men on a motorcycle, left a handwritten piece of paper that read: “Messi, we are waiting for you. Javkin (Pablo, the mayor of the city) is a drug dealer, he will not take care of you”.

It is suspected that the attack was carried out by two men on a motorcycle and that they are linked to the barrabravas of the city, according to La Nación.

This is the evolution of Antonella Roccuzzo since she met Lionel Messi: a simple young lady born in Rosario in the family of a famous social media influencer

A month ago, Javkin publicly crossed Miguel Ángel Russo for saying that there are players who refused to play in Rosario because of the uncertainty that prevails.

The case is in charge of the shooting prosecutor Federico Rébola, who ordered the Criminal Investigation Agency to clear the scene to take statements, collect ballistics material and search for video surveillance cameras.

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The Rocuzzo family: Antonela, Carla, Paula, Patricia and José. Photo: Instagram

These are the million-dollar businesses of Messi’s in-laws

The Roccuzzos are famous in Rosario, not only for Antonella and her relationship with Lionel Messi, their most publicized partners in the media, but also for a business that has been on the market for almost 40 years and has managed to expand throughout its history, career.

This is the Único supermarket chain that has several branches in Rosario. According to the website, the project started in 1982 in the aforementioned city of Santa Fe, and one of the founders is Lele, the paternal grandmother of Antonela Roccuzzo, who started the project as a small pantry.

The network has eight branches in Rosario, Capitán Bermúdez and Granadero Baigorria.

“Given the need to be much more competitive in prices and products with the emergence of multinational companies that arrived in Rosario, we joined the then young non-profit procurement association Rosario Compras,” the company explained to La Nación.

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Thus, in 1990, it opened its first branch, and seven years later it became a supermarket and bears its current name.

Today, the company is still in the hands of Messi’s in-laws as part of the Roccuzzo and Sons partnership. There are only eight stores in Rosario, Capitán Bermúdez and Granadero Baigorria. In addition, some places have food halls and even catering.

But this is not the only company that brings together Roccuzzo. In 2014, they created the children’s fashion brand Enfans based in Rosario.

Antonella Rocuzzo together with her designer cousin Andrea Lo Menzo and together with her sister Paula and their mother – Patricia Blanco – internationalized the first online store of Enfans, her brand of boys’ clothing Photo: Instagram

Antonela is part of the project; her cousin, designer Andrea Lo Menzo; his sister Paula and his mother Patricia Blanco. Later, two other cousins ​​joined, Luis Reyet and Silvina Colombo.

“In these conversations with relatives, we talked about what is available on the domestic and international market, we compared what is used, what we like, why it caught our attention and, mainly, how we would do it. Even when we were passing through Argentina, between June and July 2014, both with babies, we decided to go,” said Lo Menzo in an interview with La Nación.

The brand sells everything from tops and overalls to perfume, pants and pajamas in sizes from three months to 12 years. As detailed, 65% of sales are made up of products for men.

Another project Roccuzzo worked on was the opening of a branch of the Sarkany shoe brand in Barcelona.

To do so, he teamed up with Sofia Balbi, his friend and wife of soccer player Luis Suárez, and they opened the place in 2017. But two years later, they closed for personal and family reasons, according to Sarkany himself.