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Vocalists were afraid of this cult track.  “This version is better than the original”

Vocalists were afraid of this cult track. “This version is better than the original”

Natalia Szroeder and Micha³ Grobelny in the program “Your Face Sounds Familiar” got an extremely difficult task. They had to impersonate Edyta Górniak and Mietek Szcześniak to perform Dumka na Two Hearts. Their performance was vividly remembered by the viewers who, despite the passage of years, come back to this recording. “In my opinion, this is the best performance in the history of the program”, “The best duet, so far no one has beaten it”, “Górniak is hiding” – they write in the comments.

and Michał Grobelny took part in the fourth edition of the program “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. Although they did not make it to the finals, they undoubtedly became the favorites of the viewers, who, even after many years of joint performance, comment on their performance of “Dumka na Two Hearts” online.

They sang “Dumka for two hearts” “Górniak is hiding”

“Dumka for Two Hearts” performed by Mietek Szcześniak and promoted “With Fire and Sword” directed by Jerzy Hoffman. The music was written by Krzesimir Dębski and the lyrics by Jacek Cygan. Thanks to the emotional interpretation of Edyta Górniak and Mietek Szcześniak, the song became the biggest hit of 1999 and today it has the status of a cult hit. Suffice it to say that in 2007, in the “Film” magazine competition, it won the Golden Duck for “the best film song of the 50th anniversary”, and the soundtrack album itself was certified quadruple platinum.

There is also nothing to hide that the range of Edyta Górniak’s voice and the characteristic sound of Mietek Szcześniak are something that is difficult to compete with. And yet, Natalia Szroeder and Michał Grobelny managed to sing in such a way that some listeners believe that they even surpassed the original. In the comments under the recording of their performance we read:

This performance is better than the original, I’ve listened to it probably 50 times and every time I get the same shivers as Natalia Szroeder sings, I fell in love normally. The miner is hiding!

Others also lavish praise: “A brilliant duo”, “I feel the atmosphere more than with the original”, “I heard it live… Chills, chills and once again chills. And long, strong applause… BRILLIANT!”, “The best duet from all editions”, “I always wipe a tear at the end of their performance …. How beautiful it is”, “great performance, I had shivers”, “Playing the role of Edyta and Mietek is a real challenge, but they coped great I think that Edyta and Mietek could be proud of them”, “In my opinion, this is the best performance in the history of Polish TTBZ”.

Others emphasize: “Natalia is amazing and absolutely underestimated! Many people say that nobody can beat Edyta Górniak’s voice … I would argue, just listen”, “Wow … Well, it can be compared to the original as much as possible. They hold level! Beautiful young voices.”

Some people emphasize that they return to this performance even after years: “What an unprecedented phenomenon. 2021, and I’m still coming back here. 5 years ago, but this performance can’t be beaten by any duet”, “The best duet, so far no one it didn’t top it”, “How nice it is to return to these performances! They sang wonderfully! Bravo, you!”, “I listen to it from time to time and every time I get goosebumps and a tear flows, great performance”.

They unanimously emphasize that the participants were treated very unfairly and are undoubtedly one of the best duos in the history of the entire program. “I feel so sorry for Michał Grobelny, I think he was hurt by not getting to the final. Natalia was also great”, “I feel sorry for them. Two of the most unfairly treated people in the history of the program”

Source: Gazeta

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