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It was not Strasburger who was supposed to lead “Familiada”.  He took the place of an actor from “Z³otopolskie”

It was not Strasburger who was supposed to lead “Familiada”. He took the place of an actor from “Z³otopolskie”

Probably few people can imagine “Familiad” without Karol Strasburger. The reliable host has been associated with the format since the beginning of its broadcast on Telewizja Polska. However, as it turns out, this function was originally supposed to be performed by another actor. Who was the first contender to host the show?

has enjoyed unflagging popularity among viewers for nearly 30 years. The host is largely responsible for the success of the game show. Only recently it came to light that the role of the host of the program was planned to be entrusted to another actor.

Viewers loved him as the host of “Familiada”. What is the key to success according to Strasburger?

Karol Strasburger gained recognition thanks to the “Familiada” program, with which he has been associated from the very beginning. Almost immediately, he won the sympathy of the audience due to his charisma and specific sense of humor. As he admits, the key to success is simply being authentic. – At first I felt stage fright, I thought that I could play the role of the host. (…) I soon realized that this is not a good solution. I just have to be myself – in one of the interviews the host of the game show.

As it turned out, the famous biscuits with which Starsburger begins each episode of “Familiada” were also his personal idea. Initially, the jokes told were written by specialists hired for this purpose. Unfortunately, the jokes did not appeal to the host and he rejected each of the proposals. – He went to the street corner, bought a small booklet with jokes, started telling them on the air, and all of Poland started laughing – recalled the producer of the program, Ryszard Krajewski, in an interview with Wirtualne Media.

“Familiada” without Strasburger? The role of the host was planned to be offered to another actor

Although today it is difficult to imagine someone else in the role of the host, initially another actor was to perform this function. The host of “Familiada” was to be Paweł Wawrzecki, a star loved by viewers, known from such productions as “Złotopolscy” or “Far from stretchers”. Almost at the last moment, the director came up with the idea to offer cooperation to Karol Strasburger. — Originally, “Familiada” was to be led by Paweł Wawrzecki. However, the director gave me the idea to make it a Strasburger. It turned out that it was a perfect idea, a brilliant idea – revealed Krajewski.

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