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Carlos Vives: It is important that we, the ‘oldest’, and the new generations have a greater awareness of the place we inhabit

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the music project cumbian of Carlos Vives It has been like a daisy, because in addition to losing two albums (cumbian Y Cumbiana II), have also been derived from the book Cumbiana, stories of a lost world and the documentary The lost world of Cumbiana.


with cumbianthe 60-year-old artist was nominated for the Latin Grammy in the categories Album of the year, Best Contemporary/Tropical Fusion Album by cumbian; song of the year by ForSale, which he performs together with Alejandro Sanz, and Song for Rubenwhich is a duet with Ruben Blades; best tropical song by Find me, along with Kany Garcia; Y best long version music video by The lost world of Cumbiana.

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Carlos Vives takes a journey through the history of cumbia, with his new album


Of these nominations, it won album of the year, best contemporary/tropical fusion album, and best tropical song for Song for Ruben, along with Ruben Blades.

The common denominator of the albums, the book and the documentary is the exploration of the origins of cumbia.

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The documentary The lost world of Cumbiana, which will be released this Friday, June 24, 2022, “takes us to the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta, which is the heart of cumbia, and through it we will see that to care for the essence of folklore we all have to work for the protection of this place, for protecting our people, protecting what we are as Colombians in all our diversity. Not making a difference between the people and the river, the people and the mountains, the people and the massif,” said Carlos Vives.

During a virtual dialogue with the media, the singer who has fifteen Latin Grammys, commented to this newspaper about the message in this documentary.

Image from the documentary ‘The Lost World of Cumbiana’. Photo: Courtesy

Beyond recounting the origins of cumbia, this production also reflects something that is not foreign to Ecuador and Latin America as such, there are spaces that are part of ‘the land of oblivion’, how can you contribute so that spaces such as the communities of amphibian cultures are taken into account by society?

It is important that we, the ‘oldest’ and the new generations have a greater awareness of the place we inhabit… in the place where our cities and their surroundings are, because I believe that the more we give that learning… the new Generations would be fascinated to understand and know everything that is behind our territories, in the stories of our rivers, in our difficult things and our wonderful things that have to do with that territory.

Carlos Vives: Guayaquil is a big city and it deserves more bicycles

I believe that the best thing that one can do is bring that knowledge of our geography, our history and the importance of keeping our entire ecology healthy. I believe that information is important so that we know where we are living.

musically cumbian It has fulfilled several purposes, it won the Latin Grammys, it has reached its fans, but through this same work it can also be seen that it carries a message that is to show diversity, that there are more places that are rich in culture and that there are problematic. How do you evaluate the work of cumbian in the social aspect?

We support the work of cumbian With our work in the territory, with a foundation I work in the stilt villages of the Ciénaga Grande de Santa Marta. With our Tras la Perla foundation we work in Santa Marta in the territory. We have many dreams for the communities that still live in the Ciénaga Grande, which is the great delta of the Río Grande del Magdalena.

Carlos Vives evolves, but maintains his essence

And yes, today one feels that there is so much information, I don’t know how deep the message that we carry with the album, with the foundation, can penetrate, sometimes one feels powerless before the dimension of the problems, of our people, but It unites me deeply, it gives me great happiness to understand that I am working for the people and for a territory that gave me my music, that gave me my identity, that the history of my land begins with those territories when there were no planes and no There were cars and everything was by the river, and the most important cities were built on the banks of the river, later they became a land of oblivion… We have poured into the water of our rivers the amount of barbarities and things.

So we carry that message every day and one doesn’t know how far it will go, how far it can go, but with all the happiness in the world, today it is my reason for being to make my music. I do not find another special meaning for my music if it is not to tell you all that I have discovered about this forgotten world of cumbian and today the team grows, the foundation grows, the support, the music continues very well, so I think we are fine, happy, for me as an artist to understand today better than ever the reason why I had to sing.

We are experiencing difficult times, in Ecuador there has been an indefinite strike since June 13, a similar situation that occurred in Colombia from April to December of last year, on Sunday they elected a new president, there is the war between Russia and Ukraine, etc. What do you think should be the contribution of society in these problems from different areas?

In the artist is to unite. We have to understand the diversity that we are, not only of culture, but of our people, and increasingly find that dress that fits us well for everything that we are. I believe that this is the way and to live from diversity as it says cumbianas our album says, as time to begin to feel proud of everything that we are, leaving in time so many differences that have framed us in time and that we continue, it seems that we do not understand all the diversity and all the wonder that we are today after so much history, so much suffering… I learn it from music, I learn it in art and so I think my job as an artist is to value everyone and work for everyone.

Data: The documentary The lost world of Cumbiana will premiere this Friday, June 24, 2022, at 9:00 p.m., on OnDirecTV and will also be available on the platform streaming DirecTV GO. Then it can be found in On Demand format on DirecTV GO. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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