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That he will betray, you can see months before.  Better pay attention to this signal

That he will betray, you can see months before. Better pay attention to this signal

Infidelity – for some no big deal, for others the final end of the relationship. How to recognize it? The scientists make it clear. It turns out that the first signs that something bad is happening between you can be noticed even before anything happens.

At the beginning of a relationship, couples try, court each other and give the other half a great deal of trust. They trust that they are and always will be true to each other. However, life writes different scenarios and even in seemingly successful relationships, betrayal can occur. One new study that looks at infidelity has pinpointed the behavior even before the start of an affair.

The betrayal is seen earlier. Alarming signal: “Well-being is starting to deteriorate”

The report, titled Alienated and Unhappy? An Examination of the Dynamics of Personal Well-being and Relationships in the Environment of Infidelity, was published in . Tilburg University surveyed 947 adults, including 609 infidels and 338 victims, over eight years. It turns out that people who have committed infidelity have earlier noticed a worsening well-being and more frequent quarrels in the relationship.

Both perpetrators and victims of infidelity experienced a decrease in relationship satisfaction and admiration and an increase in relationship conflict prior to the infidelity events (the perpetrators additionally experienced a decrease in intimacy before reporting their partner’s infidelity)

– found in the study. ‘Shown that well-being begins to deteriorate before infidelity sets in, this study provides a differentiated view of the temporal dynamics of infidelity,’ the researchers added. They also suggested that infidelity could be a measure of the state of a relationship that is already deteriorating, but said the results were “inconclusive” and needed further research.

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