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Shirley Arica, from ‘The Power of Love’: We don’t have a script, we are 20 people who live more than 16 hours a day

From Istanbul he shares with Diario EL UNIVERSO his experience in reality, as well as the relationship he maintains with the Ecuadorian participants.

The power of love brought together 18 participants of different nationalities and one of them is the Peruvian Shirley Arica, who stands out as a professional model in his country. It enjoys popularity, in the most recent gala of the program, Sunday, November 7, it was placed in position seven of the most voted. On Instagram, he has more than 1.7 million followers.

From Istanbul he shares with this newspaper his experience in the reality. The relationship she maintains with the Ecuadorian participants, Andreína Bravo, Mare Cevallos and Don Day, the romantic interest that Jorge Alejandro, Renier Izquierdo and Sebastián Tamayo had towards her. He does not rule out the possibility of visiting Ecuador.

How does Shirley Arica describe herself?

Genuine, without filters, passionate with those who know how to reach my heart and loyal with those who are with me.

At what point in Shirley’s life did The power of love?

It came at a very difficult time in my life on labor issues due to the situation that my country had been going through and I could say that the proposal arrived at the exact moment and give my life a 360 degree turn.

It will be three months since the premiere of The power of love, How do you rate all this time in the reality?

Happy and grateful, a wonderful experience that in my life I thought I would live, three months of a lot of learning with an important exhibition and a great responsibility.

What is Shirley’s difference in the reality And in real life?

The truth is nothing, what you see is what there is, I don’t have a character and it’s comfortable, I just flow and let life surprise me.

At reality is there a script to follow or does everything you see happen naturally?

We do not have a script, we are 20 people who live more than 16 hours a day, therefore we experience different types of feelings since we come from different countries, different points of view, there will always be a crossword or someone attracts you and finally we are in a bubble. Finally each one is exposed to bring out the best or the worst of one by the same pressure.

Jorge Alejandro, Renier Izquierdo and Sebastián Tamayo were romantically interested in you, but what happened, why didn’t any of those relationships materialize?

As for Jorge and Renier, very beautiful boys and an incredible personality, unfortunately there are many factors for the decision to enter into a relationship and well in the process of meeting each other it did not work and today we are very good friends. AND referring to Sebas, I have great affection for him, we have had a somewhat uneven relationship, but who knows what might happen between us tomorrow.

In the last weeks it could be seen that between Shirley and Sebastián the spirits were altered, it even transcended to social networks, finally how was the friendship relationship, is there any possibility of trying again?

We currently have a very cordial relationship, clearly we cannot be friends at all because of the chemistry and the taste we have. However, I will not spit to the sky and let everything flow, if something happens between us well and if not I will always wish him well.

The program almost enters its final stretch, will there be the possibility of finding love for Shirley, what qualities should the couple have for you?

Very happy to be part of the finalists and as far as I find love, well, I leave it in the hands of God. Qualities, the main thing that he loves me and we can build together.

In the event that a courtship was made for Shirley, will that relationship also continue after the show ends?

Of course, it is the idea, if I fall in love it is in its totality and the man who decides to accompany me, well, in good time.

Shirley, Griss Romero, Elizabeth Cader and Andrea Ruiz strengthened the friendship, however of the four there are two left, you and Griss. How are you nurturing that bond of friendship now?

Yes, we actually miss them too much, at the time we planned the reunion, so anxious. Griss is a very sweet girl, very attentive, I love her very much, we do not live without each other (laughs), we are all we have here. We feed our friendship with the loyalty and mutual trust that we have.

How is Shirley’s relationship with the participants from Ecuador, Andreína Bravo, Mare Cevallos and Don Day?

Andreína, one of the girls I clicked with at the beginning, with a big heart and very sweet, I love her very much. Mare, I learned a lot from her, a woman who loves madly and with incredible strength. Don Day, never in my life have I met a person who despite adversity is always smiling, a very good friend, he is missed a lot, he always made our day with his jokes.

What do you think Elizabeth and Don Day decided to leave the show?

The force of love is what moves the world. They are such for which, they love each other without limits and if they made that decision it is because they could no longer be without each other and now that they are, I wish them the best for them.

How does Shirley handle when she has been involved or involved in scandals?

Today I am a very tolerant person. I learned to deal with all kinds of people and I matured thanks to everything that I had to live and my mistakes. I always keep moving forward, nothing stops me, I don’t invest my energy in things that don’t add to me and for today I try to do things well.

Once the realityWhat are the plans or projects for Shirley? Have these opportunities come when she has been exposed to eleven countries, including Ecuador? Could it be that there is a possibility of having her in Ecuador?

The truth is what destiny holds for me and what God has planned for me. And if I get the opportunity to work in Ecuador, I’m happy with life, they have me there. (I)

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