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Beautiful and feminine sets will replace dresses in the spring!  Colorful models from famous stores

Beautiful and feminine sets will replace dresses in the spring! Colorful models from famous stores

In the spring, colorful suits can become an interesting alternative to dresses. Models from Reserved, Medicine and Modna Kiecka are distinguished by their color and pattern. They beautifully emphasize the beauty and attract the attention of everyone around.

Women’s suits are increasingly boldly replacing dresses in various situations. Maybe they have a smaller number of cuts, but colorful models, even with unusual patterns, go on sale. In addition, they also provide great opportunities for fashion experiments. I chose proposals from Reserved, Medicine and the online store Modna Kiecka, which attract attention with their juicy color or beautiful motif.


Suit from Reserved in a fashionable color. In the spring as he found

The suit proposed by Reserved is in an extremely fashionable pink color. This shade has been heavily promoted by the Valentino brand. There, most of the winter collection was of this color. The chain store set consists of a double-breasted jacket and wide trousers with a crease. In spring and summer, light sandals with a flat sole or with a heel can be worn with such a suit. When it comes to the top, you don’t need to wear anything under the jacket. In this way, a very sensual and feminine outfit will be created. On the other hand, an interesting option will be to combine this suit with a plain T-shirt and sneakers.

Pink suit (Photo: Reserved)

A floral proposal from Medicine. Unusual and fashionable

As I have already mentioned, suits can also have very interesting patterns and the model from Medicine is a perfect example. The chain version is navy blue and decorated with a beautiful floral motif. The cut of the jacket is simple, fastened with buttons, there are pillows sewn into the shoulders. The pants have a high waist, an elastic band at the waist and pleats. This suit can be treated as a more casual outfit. Medicine suggests wearing it with sneakers and a purple t-shirt. This is the most great solution. Fashionable moccasins and a t-shirt with a small print will also work here.

Floral suitFloral suit (Photo Medicine)


A very feminine and spring suit. This cobalt shade is gorgeous

The Modna Kiecka online store offers a suit in a wonderful shade of cobalt blue. The jacket in this case has ¾ sleeves with gathering at the end and flaps imitating pockets, it is distinguished by the lack of fastening. In turn, the pants are equipped with an elastic waistband and pockets. They are made of elastic fabric, which is why they provide great comfort. The suit beautifully emphasizes the figure, so it is worth combining it with high heels. Here, a patterned shirt will work well, complementing the expressive styling.

Cobalt suitCobalt suit (Photo:

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