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Romantic poems for Valentine’s Day.  Perfect as original wishes for a loved one

Romantic poems for Valentine’s Day. Perfect as original wishes for a loved one

is a celebration of all lovers, which is celebrated in Poland once a year, on February 14. The name comes from Saint Valentine, who is also remembered on this day. It used to be a common custom to send anonymous love letters to the other half, but today they are more and more often written in person or with the help of romantic cards. Here are some suggestions for Valentine’s Day poems that will warm many hearts.

Romantic poems for Valentine’s Day. Surprise your other half with a love confession

For all the moments together
Which were very nice
Eaten together
And crazy adventures
I want to thank you today
And say – you are my sweet bear!

For kisses every day
For warm hands on cold evenings
For text messages when you are missing,
And for being patient when I’m in the mood.
For being close to you today
For all the moments together ahead of us,
For a thousand dreams that will come true
For that, I thank you, darling!

The sun taught me to dream
love the stars,
the rain made me cry
and you taught me to love.

Touching poems for Valentine’s Day. They help express feelings

I gave you my heart,
I love you and I will love you.
You are the sunshine in my sky
I do not want to live without You.

My Valentine, let me tell you a secret:
As much as I love you, no one in the world loves you.
Let smile and joy
does not disappear from this face,
because behind that smile
someone misses and dreams.

Saint Valentine’s Day today,
your love warms the heart,
I want to be with you forever
dream and hold your hands.

Love isn’t hard for someone who understands it
For someone who is sure of what he feels.
I know today that I want your love
Without it, life is worth nothing.

Source: Gazeta

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