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Diego Boneta arrives ready to fall in love in ‘At midnight’, his new romantic comedy

Diego Boneta arrives ready to fall in love in ‘At midnight’, his new romantic comedy

If you didn’t already have plans for this Valentine’s Day, the Mexican actor Diego Boneta proposes to enjoy at midnightthe new romantic comedy that stars for the platform Paramount + and it’s already available from this friday february 10 in your catalog.

Next to Boneta, another beautiful face already known: actress Mónica Barbaro, 32, whom you probably identify in her role in Top Gun: Maverick, where she played the aviator nicknamed Phoenix.

Boneta and Barbaro, with their magnetic ‘chemistry’ on screen, come together like this to other actors who in recent months have opted for the resurgence of the romantic comedy film genre and that, apparently, it will be back in fashion at the request of the audience.

Boneta himself starred last year in the remake of The father of the bride (HBO Max); while Jennifer López also premiered this 2023 shotgun wedding for Prime Video and, in 2022, marry mewith the participation of Colombian Maluma.

In At Midnight, Boneta assumes a role where he shows off his perfect Spanish and English, giving life to Alejandro, the employee of a hotel in Mexico, where a celebrity couple will come to stay, while they work on the set of a movie in That country.

Although Alejandro cannot ignore the attractiveness and charisma of the rising actress Sophie Wilder (Barbaro), among his plans will not be to fall in love, as he is very focused working on the possibility of opening his own boutique hotel.

But when the superstar catches her boyfriend Adam (Anders Holm) cheating on her, fate for both will change. “Despite their radically different lives and occupations, Alejandro and Sophie begin to secretly meet at midnight.reveals the official synopsis of the film directed by Jonah Feingold, who came up with the original idea for the script while reflecting on the fact that I had never seen a romantic comedy set in the Mexican landscapes and settings.

“Cities play a very important role in movies like Midnight in Paris either Sleepless in Seattle: you see these movies and you want to go there”, commented Boneta in an interview for screen rant. “But In Mexico there are all these stories that have to do with narcos, drugs and drug trafficking that comes out of that country and, being Mexican, I know that this is not all that Mexico has to offer. Mexico is much more than that, ”he continued.

For this reason, the country becomes, in the plot, in a third protagonist of the film and Boneta was personally in charge of revealing to the director some of his charms.

“We went to Mexico City and spent a week there. He wanted to show them its beauty, the restaurants, the art, the nightlife and the people, and Jonah polished the script. He really did an amazing job”, he recalled. Jonah decided that he wanted that had a touch of magical realism, a bit of a fairy tale, but also a nod and an ode to romantic comedies classics of the 90 ″, he detailed.

Add to the movie Casey Thomas Brown as Chris, Sophie’s old friend and talent manager, and Catherine Cohen, as Sophie’s loyal and free-spirited best friend. They also participate Fernando Carsa in the role of Tachi, Alejandro’s best friend and hotel bartender, while Whitney Cummings is Margot, a powerful Hollywood agent who represents both Sophie and Adam. Maya Zapata will play Aurelia, Alejandro’s strict boss.

at midnight It is also about the first audiovisual production by Diego Boneta through his company, Three Amigos, which he shares with Eréndira Núñez and Josh Glick.

Source: Eluniverso

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