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COAC 2023: order of performance and where to see the third session of the quarterfinals of the Carnival of Cádiz

Follow the party of musical humor in the Great Falla Theater of Cádizthe scene of each and every one of the sessions of the Official Contest of Carnival Groups (COAC), in which dozens of chirigotas, comparsas, quartets and choirs compete to become the best of the year. After a night in which Los mi alma, la chirigota del Bizcocho made a difference (again), and in which the journalist from laSexta José Yélamo participated, it is the turn of nine other groups, who see their turn to return to take out your musical weapons.

In this phase of the quarterfinals, more than fifty groups participate, about nine per day, which achieved add enough score in the preliminary This Wednesday, in what is the third day of the COAC quarterfinals, there are two choirs, or a quartet, three troupes and three jokers who have the opportunity to give their all.

COAC 2023: order of action for this Wednesday, February 8

  • No one gives up here (chorus)
  • Cádiz of my soul (comparsa)
  • Çembrando coplâ (comparça er pueblo) (chirigota)
  • The corner poison (comparsa)
  • Gladiator Workshop School El Pópulo (quartet)
  • Tomorrow (chorus)
  • Hotel Resort Cádi, here is your home (chirigota)
  • The Muses (comparsa)
  • OMG what a late!!! (joke)

Where to see the quarterfinal phase of the COAC?

Like the preliminary sessions, all quarterfinal phases can be followed live. The tickets to go see the performances in the theater were sold out the same day they went on sale, as were those of each and every one of the sessions of the qualifying phase and also those of the semifinal, the last to go on sale. sale. It is something usual: in Cádiz there is a lot of expectation for the COAC and the locations run out in a few hours.

However, thanks to Onda Cádiz Carnival you can follow livethanks to its retransmission through YouTube, all the sessions of the quarterfinal phase, as well as those of the semifinal, although not those of the final.

How the scores work in the COAC quarterfinals

As in the preliminary phase, the COAC jury takes their notes daily, during each of the sessions, ‘in situ’ and in secret, but it is not until the phase ends when some scores are made public, not all, only “the names and scores of the groups that do not go to the following”, as can be read in the contest rules. Of course, at this stage of the quarterfinals the groups that pass They have not carried over the points obtained in the qualifyingbut all have started with 0 points, other things being equal.

However, as the phase progresses, they are known the scores awarded by the alternative and unofficial juries, which are a series of juries created by the Cadiz media, who give their estimates of points to each of the groups. They are not official by any means, but some of the jurors follow the same criteria as the official ones, so it is possible that they are similar.

Source: Lasexta


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