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45-year-old Natasza Urbanska shocks with her metamorphosis.  Fans surprised by a bold change.  “It’s nice but…”

45-year-old Natasza Urbanska shocks with her metamorphosis. Fans surprised by a bold change. “It’s nice but…”

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Natasza Urbaska is one of the most versatile figures in Polish show business. In addition to acting in theater, films and series, she is also a singer and TV presenter. Recently, the star decided to show her fans in a completely new version!

On Instagram, she published photos and a short video where we can see the artist’s metamorphosis. As it turns out, the 45-year-old decided to make a big change in her appearance. However, not everyone watching the women was delighted with this drastic transformation. What step did Urbanska take?

Natasza Urbańska surprised fans with a new hairstyle. There was a split in the comment section

Some time ago, Natasza Urbańska boasted in social media of a significant metamorphosis to which she subjected her hairstyle. It turns out that the 45-year-old decided to change her hair color to red. Star observers did not pass by indifferently the frames presenting her changed version. In the comments, they did not hide their surprise with such a bold step.


However, not all fans of the artist considered the metamorphosis successful.

Unfortunately, he added years.

I’m not a hater but no no no!

Not that color…

It’s nice, but Natasha looks best with brown hair.

Nice hairstyle, but it ages you.

stargazers commented.

However, among those commenting on Natasza Urbańska’s post, there were also those praising her bold metamorphosis.

Beautiful in everything nice!

You look amazing Natasha.

Wow Nataszka, you look perfect in this hairstyle!

wow! Fiery woman. Great look!

Beautiful, they fit.

– praised the fans of the 45-year-old.


Natasza Urbańska praised for good contact with fans. He cares like no one else

There is no denying that Natasza Urbańska is one of the stars who care about constant contact with fans. She is also very active on her social media, and to date she has collected as many as 156,000 followers! Numerous photos and reports from events important to her regularly appear on her profile. We can see there not only the effects of professional photo sessions, but also private photos. Under each of the posts, the star receives a lot of positive comments and compliments.

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