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Lola Herrera assures that she “does not understand” that there are women who vote for Vox since her position “leads to a disastrous world”

The Valladolid actress Lola Herrera has confirmed this Monday when she received the Menina de Honor 2022 at the Government Delegation in Castilla y León “not understanding” that there are women who vote for Vox since his position and ideology “lead to a disastrous world”.

In these terms, the interpreter expressed herself during her speech before the media after receiving the aforementioned award for being a “benchmark” in the Community and in recognition of her work for “make visible and fight against violence against women” and thus achieve a “more just and free” society.

In this sense, Herrera has indicated that in his life “he has always known abuse”, since she was the “granddaughter of a mistreated woman” at a time when mistreatment “was monstrous beatings” and for this reason “she did not want her grandfather at all.” “I feel utter contempt for the men who are capable of attacking a woman, for those executioners who are protected by a part of society”, he has had an impact.

In addition, he has insisted, “it is being seen how the little leg of that part of society” -in relation to the radicals- now “appears everywhere as if wanting to ignore a problem which is a crushing reality.”

Along these lines, Lola Herrera recalled that Vox voted against in the plenary session of the City Council that he was recognized with the city’s Gold Medal due to some statements in which the interpreter claimed “not to understand that there were women who voted for said party”.

“I still don’t understand it”, he has sentenced, to later ensure that “respect” each person’s ideas “But it doesn’t make any sense for women to vote for someone who goes against all your rights.” “I would put on a loudspeaker and go down the street alerting all the women, in case there are any distracted, because there are many women who still vote for Vox,” she added.

He has also stressed that he would go to institutes and universities, “where there are many young people who are interested in this way of thinking to warn them of the danger and of the disastrous world to which this ideology leads“.

During this ceremony, the Government delegate in Castilla y León, Virginia Barcones, was also present, as well as the representatives of the different units that ensure the safety of women. On sexist violence, the government representative in the Community, who has presented the award of honor to the actress from Valladolid, has stressed that for “all those who work” in the field of defense of women’s rights “it is all an honor to receive a figure who has been characterized by his generosity”.

This recognition, he said, has been given to Herrera for his career and his “life commitment to eradicate sexist violence”a mission “very important for society, but above all for those whose job it is to protect women from the violence that is exercised against them for the simple fact of being women.”

Source: Lasexta


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