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They survived 40 years of betrayal and drugs, although the musicians hated her. Ozzy and Sharon’s tumultuous relationship

A plump woman staring at her husband like a picture. The groom, with disheveled blond hair with bangs, looks at the camera with a smile, and around his neck is a wreath of leaves and flowers. It’s immediately obvious that these are no ordinary newlyweds – these are Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, on July 4, 1982, right after their wedding in Hawaii. Although they looked happy, their marriage was put to many tests by alcohol, drugs, betrayals and bouts of aggression. Both the role of wife and manager, which Sharon came to play, still raises a lot of controversy. The couple adored by the world of show business even had their own reality show before the Kardashians – The Osbournes, making the name a kind of brand that does not evoke associations only with the singer of Black Sabbath.

From marriage to solo careers – Hawaii, reality show, X Factor

Although Ozzy is undoubtedly a star, sometimes he remained in the shadow of his wife – a successful woman who runs her own talk show, a juror in the British edition of X Factor, while he himself burned out musically, destroyed by numerous addictions. Still, he couldn’t suppress his jealousy. He openly, in strong words, admitted many times: Without Sharon, I am nothing. And indeed, if it hadn’t appeared at a turning point in his life, perhaps we would never have talked about Osbourne as a solo musician and he would have died tragically, as another victim of the crazy 80s. And yet he happily shared an archival photo of his wedding day with his fans. “40 years ago. Happy anniversary my love,” he wrote on Instagram.

Sharon as the manager

The roles of wife and manager were intertwined. Sharon had to try to tame her husband’s difficult nature, not only for the sake of their relationship, but also for her solo career. The beginning of the couple’s relationship coincided with the period when Ozzy was no longer playing for Black Sabbath. However, it is difficult to talk about his departure from the band – the other musicians got rid of him themselves, having had enough of the artist’s mood swings and his drug problems. Whoever worked with Osbourne over the years admitted that he resembled Jekyll and Hyde. IN depending on whether he was under the influence of various substances or not, he could be a nuisance to everyone he met, or he could be the nicest guy in the world. Ozzy recorded with the band in the studio Don Arden – Sharon’s father.

The future couple met when the girl was only 18 years old, and although it was immediately certain that they were meant for each other, Osbourne married another woman – Thelma Rileymet by chance in a nightclub. Ozzy and Thelma parted ways around the same time as those with Black Sabbath musicians. It was at this point in the musician’s life that Sharon reappeared – immediately possessive, she decided to become his manager and began to push for a solo career. He achieved a lot, but never alone. Ozzy and Sharon were always taken in a package, as many of the artists making up the new Osbourne band found out quite painfully, including guitarists Randy Rhoads and Jake E. Lee, who were denied copyright to their own songs due to Sharon’s strategy.

My wife is the best stylist

Sharon also attached great importance to the image of musicians – stage clothes had to make an impression and significantly differ from those worn on a daily basis. This is well illustrated by Ozzy’s tour in the days of Jake E. Lee in 1986, when the manager decided that the thrash group Metallica, which differed musically and in terms of image, should go on tour with the Prince of Darkness. As Jake recalls, backstage, Sharon constantly commented on the appearance of the musicians who were playing Master of Puppets material in casual jeans and T-shirts, explaining, “You can’t perform on stage and look like the people in the front row at the same time.” , she saw her husband in sequins, fringe and other bizarre, shiny fabrics.

Over the dead to the goal – Sharon Osbourne creates Ozzfest

In the music community, Sharon had a reputation as a manipulator, a problematic, but extremely effective manager, who is better not to get under your skin. One thing is certain: Sharon has always been able to get what she wants, and she proves it best the creation of Ozzfest – a festival that was a huge commercial success in the early 2000s. The story dates back to 1996, when Sharon was refused, trying to get her husband a place in the line-up of the legendary Lollapaloose. She then decided to create her own festival, where Osbourne could not only perform, but also be a headliner. From a two-day event, which was part of Ozzy’s tour, it became a place where the greatest performed. But they had to reckon with Mrs. Osbourne’s temper.

During one of the editions of Ozzfest, musicians Iron Maiden complained about the inconvenience of the sound system. Sharon couldn’t believe that whatever she was managing might fall short of expectations, so instead of resolving the conflict, she organized a group that egged the band during Dickinson et al’s performance. There are rumors that she also sent in a package to musicians who disliked her … her own excrement. Ozzy never protested. Submission to his wife thus translated into the success of Ozzfest.

The biggest enemy of the Osbournes – betrayals and drug problems

Sharon saved not only Ozzy’s career, but also his private life. It was for her that the ballad “Mama, I’m coming home” was created – out of longing for home, where home also meant returning to your beloved wife. A similar confession also seems to be “Under the Graveyard” from the album “Ordinary Man”. The story contained in the text is illustrated by a music video directed by Jonas Akerlund: transports the viewer back in time to 1979, when Sharon extended a helping hand to Ozzy, who was mired in addiction to alcohol and drugs. Unfortunately, although the retrospective music video suggests that Sharon’s presence helped Ozzy once and for all, in real life she had to try many times to get him out of the addiction. The addiction didn’t just hurt him – it also affected Sharon herself, who also became addicted. The desire to monitor and properly manage her husband’s career led her to go to rehab in the 1980s and devote herself one hundred percent to being a manager. The desire to succeed was so great that it saved them both from death.


Drugs, however, constantly attacked the marriage. Though Ozzy emphasizes from the outset his intense affection for Sharon (“I can honestly say I’ve never loved another woman before or after her”), he admitted to a total of six infidelities during their marriage. Nor is it an expression of love when, under the influence of Ozzy, he almost strangled his wife. After an attempt on her life in 1989, he spent several months in a psychiatric hospital. It all added up to the couple taking a break until Osbourne was able to deal with his own emotions and get off the drugs – and in order to do so, Sharon had to repeatedly threaten to break up with him. The marriage, despite its turbulent past, was saved several times.

Ordinary man, extraordinary woman. The album was created thanks to my wife

Sharon’s role was also significant while working on Osbourne’s latest album, Ordinary Man. “I had already told Sharon that I should make an album, but in the back of my mind I thought I didn’t have the energy to do it,” recalls Ozzy. When Andrew Watt, the producer of the album, finally persuaded him to do it, his wife supported him throughout the production stage, during which he often doubted his abilities. Sharon Osbourne described the entire album as the best in years. Although Sharon’s business methods and shocking stories from all the years of the Osbournes’ marriage are undoubtedly controversial, there is no way to dismiss their feelings as fake.

When Sharon laughs, it’s like the sun is shining on me

admits Ozzy. However, the light falls on many infamous elements of their joint biography. Perhaps the love for each other will also translate into love for people who have been responsible for Ozzy’s successes over the years, for which they will not only be properly rewarded, but will also receive the respect they deserve.

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