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Do you cook potatoes like this? It’s a mistake! You lose valuable vitamins and minerals

Potatoes are extremely popular in Poland. Although for years they were considered a high-calorie and hard-to-digest product, today we know that this was not true. We are happy to cook them for dinner, where they taste delicious in the company of minced cutlet and cucumber salad. However, it turns out that the way we do it matters a lot.

How to cook potatoes to make them delicious and healthy? Don’t make these 3 mistakes

Anita WroĊ„ska, who runs a channel dedicated to , on TikTok, showed the 3 most common mistakes we make when cooking potatoes. Seemingly insignificant nuances are of great importance, because they affect the amount of vitamins and minerals that we find in this vegetable. What to do to avoid losing them while cooking?

  • If you come across a potato with green fragments, do not cut it off, but throw the whole vegetable away. It’s most likely solanine, a toxic substance that limits the absorption of vitamins.
  • To cook potatoes, put them in hot water instead of cold. This way they will lose much less vitamin C and starch.
  • Instead of salting potatoes at the beginning of cooking, do it towards the end. Thanks to this, potassium losses will not be so huge.

These simple changes will make potatoes not only delicious, but also much healthier.

Is potato healthy? You will use it not only in cooking

Over the years, they have had a bad reputation and have often been indicated as a product that is extremely fattening. Fortunately, that’s a thing of the past. This very popular vegetable in Poland is low in calories (100 g contains 60 to 70 kcal, which is less than bananas), and also contains valuable ingredients for health, such as starch, vitamin C, potassium and calcium. It is worth not only including them in your diet, but also using them in less known ways, e.g. for cleaning glass surfaces or in care.

Source: Gazeta


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