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Ecuadorian artist Pía Vásquez seeks to translate her business experience into her artistic career

Pía Vásquez, an Ecuadorian singer, released her first album, ‘Mi mundo’, in 2008. Since then her life took a turn: she moved to New York with the aim of promoting her emerging musical career, but ended up working in real estate.

After more than a decade of living in the United States and becoming a successful businesswoman, Vásquez seeks to relaunch her career as a singer with her new single “Ahora lloras.” Vásquez took advantage of her return to Ecuador to talk to this newspaper about her new single, her return to the music industry and her hopes for Ecuadorian artists.

About his new single, now you cry

This song was composed in collaboration with a lyrist from the Dominican Republic. For me it was very important to have the base of urban music, which came from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. I wanted to have that direct connection with the people who are there. We had amazing chemistry. I loved the lyrics. I loved it, because I really believe in female empowerment.

Is that what you want to convey?

Yes, I think as women we need to have our own way of venting. I remember that I had a bad love affair many years ago and the song that helped me get out of it was Paulina Rubio’s song, give me another tequila: I enjoyed that song, I yelled at it, I danced to it, and it helped to heal me. With now you cry It was the first thing I felt, it was like a funny song that talks about heartbreak but rather you have fun, you enjoy it, you enjoy it more than feeling like you’re heartbroken, wanting to throw yourself on the floor to cry.

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So it’s a fun outlet.

It’s a fun outlet that gives you strength. Empowerment comes as a personal brand because I really believe that women have a lot of talent and ways of expressing ourselves.

How was the experience of recording the video?

It was wonderful. Look, I have already lived 16 years of my life in the United States. Of those 16 years, I have lived almost 10 in Manhattan. Manhattan has been like a playground For me, it is a place where I find many ways to express myself. If you think about urban music, you usually see the videos in Miami, on the beach, in the Caribbean. I thought: what more urban than the concrete junglethe concrete jungle, why not make an urban music video in an urban place?

He had a big hiatus from the music world…

Sometimes you think you have a way of being and life makes you curves. In those almost 10 years that I lived in Manhattan, I worked in real estate, and I fell in love. According to me, I was going to New York to make music, but fate had other forms. Those 10 years helped me a lot because they made me the Pious I needed to be. When I started in music I was 23 or 24 years old. I felt like the United States was going to eat me alive, because you are new to another country, you don’t know how the system works. That time in real estate made me a very good businesswoman. All this taught me to negotiate, to be stronger, to not be affected by rejection as it once did.

That works in the music industry.

Very much. Here in the industry you get rejected, it’s normal, it’s part of the process. But it no longer affects me emotionally like before. Now I come much stronger, more mature, not more knowledgeable, but more alive.

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What’s next in your career?

You can’t stop with music. I am currently promoting myself in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, because my intention is to be global. We have a project in Latin America, but that may take a little longer. I have always moved a lot in the networking: I had the opportunity to be last year in the Grammys and to meet artists, people in the media, executives.

We already have the next song recorded, we’re going to release it in about two or three months. For the Ecuadorians who are living abroad, we feel the responsibility to continue knocking and opening the doors for those who are still in Ecuador and to be able to make all of us global. It’s not my personal issue, it’s the flag. It doesn’t matter who arrives, but who arrives. (AND)

Source: Eluniverso


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