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These are the three haircuts that will make you look taller regardless of your age or your style

These are the three haircuts that will make you look taller regardless of your age or your style

Haircuts have always been vital to beauty, being the method used by millions of women to mark or hide features and even to stylize the figure and look taller without the need to wear high-heeled shoes or platforms.

In the latter case, the cuts that favor you are short, as they clear the chest area, the neck and leave the face free, while creating volume in the upper part of the body. These hair styles will not only give you a few extra inches of height, but they favor women of all ages.

Three short hair styles to see you taller

Court Bob

Timeless, rejuvenating, features highlighter and a style classic are the main characteristics of this type of cut that is currently positioned as one of the most popular on social networks and has been present on various fashion catwalks.

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This cut favors young and older women, in addition, it has various presentations such as the microbobhe long bob and the Bob in layers, ideal to look taller due to the volume they generate.

long bob asymmetric

This variant of the cut Bob It’s short in the back and long in the front, leaving the neck area bare and creating the illusion that you’re taller. Celebrities such as Emma Stone, María Lozano and Jennifer Lawrence have worn this look, as published by Marie Claire.

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In addition, since it is slightly long, it is ideal for those women who do not want to cut their hair radically.

Court pixies

This last cut is modern and elegant, so much so that artists like Emma Watson, Anne Hathaway or Christen Stewart wore it at the time. Whether layered or with bangs, this style has gained momentum every year, as it works for all kinds of occasions and not only gives you a few extra inches, but also takes a few years off of you.


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