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The Basque Film Library sheds light on the work of Basque filmmakers in a book

The Basque Film Library sheds light on the work of Basque filmmakers in a book

Euskaraz irakurri: Euskal emakume zinemagileen lana liburu batean bildu du Euskadiko Filmategiak

The Basque Film Library has published the book “Basque filmmakers”, a work that brings together several essays on fundamental women in our cinematography.

The work is coordinated by the University of Deusto professor María Pilar Rodríguez, and presents writings by Carlos Roldán Larreta, Casilda de Miguel, Iratxe Fresneda, María Marcos Ramos, Nekane E. Zubiaur, Ainhoa ​​Ferna´ndez de Arroyabe, In~aki Lazkano, Cristina Ortiz Ceberio, Mari’a Pilar Rodri’guez, Mari’a Jose’ Olaziregi Alustiza, Javier Sa’nchez Zapatero, Izaskun Arandia Galarraga, Ana Gutie’rrez, Elena San Julia’n, Pilar Martinez-Vasseur, Annabel Martin and Luisa Etxenike.

The publication consists of four sections, as explained in the presentation this morning. In global perspectives The film production of Basque female directors is addressed from perspectives such as themes, gender representation or the aesthetic and formal diversity of their films.

In the second, Genres, formats and adaptationsthe perspective of Basque documentalists and the work carried out by the Kimuak program are analyzed, while Production, distribution and reception collects the efforts of associations and festivals to promote and give visibility to films made by women.

Finally, three filmmakers focuses on three leading figures in Basque cinema: Ana Di´ez, Helena Taberna and Yannick Bellon, three authors who had their respective cycles and publications at the Filmoteca Vasca.

María Pilar Rodríguez, coordinator of the book, stresses that it is an “evident” fact that the film production of Basque female directors “has not had a strong presence on the cinematographic scene”: “The increase in films made by women nourishes the cinema with an essential perspective to understand our society as a whole, providing female viewers with references with whom they can identify”, concludes Rodríguez.

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