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Retirement application. That’s for sure! These seniors may qualify for higher benefits

If you earn extra money to your pension, you can submit an application to ZUS to have it recalculated. There is a chance that this will increase the amount of the benefit you receive. However, it is worth knowing that currently you can only do it once a year.

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Retirement application. ZUS will not consider all of them positively

The amount of the pension is determined by based on life expectancy tables for women and men, which are extremely favorable from March 2022. This means that pensioners who submit an application for conversion of the benefit can count on its increase. However, the exact amount also depends on the age of the applicant. – The latest tables allow to calculate the pension of a person aged 60 by 3.7 percent. higher, and people aged 65, by 4.1 percent. higher than according to the previous tables — , the president of ZUS. According to the portal, pensioners who:

  • have reached retirement age by March 31, 2022,
  • they worked after reaching retirement age, so they regularly paid contributions,
  • were born after December 31, 1948, i.e. their benefits will be calculated according to the new rules.

According to ZUS, pensioners who do not carry out gainful activity and do not pay contributions should not apply for the conversion of the old-age pension.

An important piece of information is that the benefit is converted only at your request, not automatically. It’s better to hurry, because the new life expectancy tables will be announced by the Central Statistical Office by March 31, 2023, so there is not much time left.

Application for recalculation of pension. Where can you find him?

You can find the application that is necessary for the recalculation at . You must provide your name and surname, PESEL number, address and series and number of your ID card, and justify why your pension should be recalculated. Attach the necessary documents to the form.

After the conversion has been approved, it will take effect from the month in which you submitted it. You do not have to be afraid if after the calculation it turns out that you are entitled to a lower benefit – in this case ZUS will pay it in the current amount.

An important change is the fact that until recently you could apply quarterly. Unfortunately, from January 2022, this is only possible once every 12 monthsafter the end of the calendar year.

Source: Gazeta


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