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Mieczys³aw Hryniewicz is enjoying his retirement. “I don’t understand this complaining”

Most pensioners in Poland are not satisfied with the amount of the benefit. Many seniors, regardless of their health, are forced to earn extra money or rely on the generosity of their family. The situation is different for Mieczysław Hryniewicz, who in the last interview said that his benefit is fully sufficient to live with dignity.

Mieczysław Hryniewicz does not complain about the amount of his pension

Some time ago, the telenovela “Na Wspólnej” celebrated 20 years since it first appeared on the TVN schedule. Mieczysław Hryniewicz is one of the actors who has been appearing in the series from the very beginning. He plays the role of Włodek Zięba, who is the head of the family. Apart from playing in the series, Hryniewicz lives on a pension, about which he revealed more details in an interview with the Jastrząb Post portal:

My place is last in the queue of complainers. (…) I’m always surprised, I don’t understand this complaining about my pension, because I have a relatively decent pension

Then he mentioned another actress who, according to him, also did not complain about the amount of the benefit:

Two actors did not complain about their pensions: Zosia Czerwińska and Mieczysław Hryniewicz. Unfortunately, Zosia Czerwińska’s pension is no longer needed… Dear Zosia… and I’m not complaining and it’s fantastic

Zofia Czerwińska was an actress who appeared in such productions as “Czterdziestolatek”, “Miś”, “First Love” or “Świat Według Kiepskich”. The actress died in 2019, and in the last days of her life she could count on the support of Hanna Bieniuszkiewicz.

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