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Netflix introduces new rules. The code is not enough, you may have trouble connecting even in your own home

offers its Polish customers three tariffs. The basic plan allows you to watch movies on one device at a time and costs money PLN 29 in a month. People who want to use the standard plan – with the option of setting up profiles for two accounts that can use the service simultaneously on different devices – will pay 43 zlotys. The most expensive package – premium – is the cost PLN 60 per month of subscription. Users who invest in it will be able to watch productions in better quality, as well as divide into four people. However, the platform emphasizes that it is about residents of one household.

Netflix will deal with account sharing. It will also change the rules in Poland

Despite clear rules and a varied offer, Netflix still loses huge amounts of money when it comes to sharing accounts with its customers. It is estimated that over 100 million people around the world do not pay for the platform’s servicesbecause he uses the accounts of his relatives and friends. The subscriber wants to deal with this procedure once and for all. In the first quarter of 2023, Netflix will also introduce new rules in Poland.

The platform strives to ensure that only people living in one household use the same account on the platform. The provision has always been in force in the regulations, but the subscriber did not verify it. Will use it now information about IP addresses, device IDs and account activity.

In addition, Netflix stipulates that if it detects a login from a device unrelated to the given account, the user will be required to immediately verify access to the service. He will only have 15 minutes to do so. After this time, the four-digit verification code sent to the account owner by e-mail or phone number expires.

New Netflix Terms of Use. The verification code is not everything

The latest information shows that this is still not the end of the streamer’s ideas. Netflix will check the Wi-Fi connection of your account’s primary location once every 31 days. Users will have to remember to log in to their network at least once during this time so as not to lose the registered association of their devices with the location.

Each master account will be able to share access with someone outside of their household for an additional fee. The option can only function within one country. New members will then receive their own passwords, but the primary account owner will be responsible for any additional user costs.

Netflix on new terms. How to use the platform on the go?

Netflix customers were immediately concerned about the difficulty of using the platform while traveling. The streamer advises subscribers before leaving to connect to the Wi-Fi network assigned to the account and watch a fragment of some production on the platform. Then the device that we take on a trip will be registered as “trusted”, and verification of the account, even after changing the location, will not be necessary. In addition, the platform indicates that it may provide a temporary access code that will give travelers access to its resources for the next seven days.

We currently do not know when the new rules will come into force. Netflix also did not inform Polish users how much the fee for an additional “household member” with whom we would like to share the account will be. In America, the package costs three dollars.

Source: Gazeta


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