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Ladies and gentlemen, Your Honor, this is the new professor Rafa³ Wilczur. Netflix showed the first pictures from “Znachor”

It will not be easy to match the unforgettable performance of Jerzy Bińczycki, who in Jerzy Hoffman’s film played Professor Rafał Wilczur in an unparalleled way. Who, if not exactly, should meet this challenge? It was the actor known, for example, from the main role in the famous series “Wataha” who was chosen to play the title role in the latest screening of the beloved by Poles “.

Leszek Lichota as “The Quack”. First photos from the new Netflix movie

I don’t think anyone needs to summarize “Quick Man”, because Jerzy Hoffman’s film adaptation from the 1980s has been one of the most beloved film productions of Polish viewers for years. Television invariably broadcasts reruns every Christmas, and millions sit in front of the receivers then. For the sake of order, however, let’s quote the description of the upcoming film provided by Netflix: “Respected surgeon Professor Rafał Wilczur loses his family and memory. Many years later, forgotten and poor, he meets his daughter. Based on the cult novel “Quick” by Tadeusz Dołęga-Mostowicz.

Leszek Lichota as Professor Rafał Wilczur [EMBARGO DO 9.00, 02.02.23] photo: BARTOSZ MROZOWSKI / ‘The Quack’ / Netflix

Leszek Lichota emphasizes that he is delighted that he has become the new incarnation of Professor Rafał Wilczur:

I am from the generation that grew up on Professor Wilczur’s story. I am very happy that I could impersonate such an important figure for Polish culture. Costume movies are always a challenge, but I think the director and the whole crew have captured the aesthetic of the 1920s and 1930s brilliantly. A world where honor, work ethic, empathy and romantic love mattered.

Leszek Lichota will be partnered by Maria Kowalska, who will play his daughter in the film. Ignacy Liss played Marysia’s beloved Count Czyński. She looks a bit like Blake Lively in a joint photo:

Ignacy Liss as Count Czyński, Maria Kowalska as MarysiaIgnacy Liss as Count Czyński, Maria Kowalska as Marysia photo: Bartosz Mrozowski / Netflix / ‘Quick’, dir. M. Gazda

Anna Szymańczyk played Zośka. In addition, the film will also feature Mirosław Haniszewski, Mikołaj Grabowski, Izabela Kuna, Paweł Tomaszewski, Małgorzata Mikołajczak and Łukasz Szczepanowski.

Leszek Lichota, Miroslaw HaniszewskiLeszek Lichota, Miroslaw Haniszewski BARTOSZ MROZOWSKI / KNOCK / NETFLIX

entrusted the direction of the new “Quick Doctor” to Michał Gaździa, making his debut in a feature film. The filmmaker points out:

Dołęga Mostowicz’s novel and its adaptation from 40 years ago is – without any exaggeration – a legend of Polish pop culture. And now we – thanks to Netflix – had the opportunity to face this legend. Which was undoubtedly a great director’s privilege, but also – let’s face it – a creative fear. After all, we were playing with the national model of melodrama. Thanks to the wonderful team, the sense of responsibility was not embarrassing, and the creation of all these passions and dramas of the pre-war world turned out to be a real artistic fun.

The team worked on the basis of a script by Marcin Baczyński and Mariusz Kuczewski. The photos were taken by Tomasz Augustynek. The producer of the film is Magdalena Szwedkowicz. She gave:

I am very grateful that we were able to film the adaptation of the novel “Quick”. This is a huge investment and Netflix has once again shown that it promotes Polish culture, as well as believes and supports native creators. Partners on the side of Netflix gave us great trust, equipped us with the appropriate resources and created such a creative environment in which the implementation of this project became possible.

Netflix is ​​happy to emphasize that “it has already produced over 30 Polish films and series. Last year alone, the service allocated PLN 400 million for local productions, and since 2018 it has created for Polish actors, screenwriters, directors and crews working both on the set, and beyond, over 3,500 jobs in own productions.

Source: Gazeta


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