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The Pole lost 100,000 zlotys, because she trusted the “American soldier”. The last message gave him away

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A dramatic story happened in the Jarosław county. A 50-year-old resident reported herself to the police station after realizing that she had fallen victim to an online scammer. Through the Internet, she became acquainted with a man who claimed to be an American soldier on a mission in Yemen. First, he flirted with a 50-year-old woman and gained her trust. After two weeks, he told the woman that he had been shot and could not go to another operation. He sent her a picture from the hospital. In this situation, a resident of the Jarosław county was to pose as his wife and write an e-mail to the commander to replace her husband with another soldier. Then she got more instructions.

The Pole lost 100,000. zlotys, because she trusted the “American soldier”

The man emphasized in correspondence that replacing him with another soldier would be expensive. First, he gave her a bank account into which she deposited PLN 3,000. Then he wrote that he had to pay for a jet to take him to Poland. He wrote what options he has to choose from. The woman chose the cheapest of them – German and took a loan of 61,000 for it. zlotys. She made up the rest of the amount she needed with savings.

During this correspondence, the 50-year-old also exchanged messages with the alleged “soldier’s” daughter, who confirmed the information provided by her father

– informed the Podkarpackie police in an interview with RMF24.

When the scammer immediately after paying the money announced that he was already in Warsaw, the 50-year-old realized that she had made a mistake. She called the number he provided, but a stranger picked up. Despite this, the soldier continued to send messages to the woman. He claimed that he was in an emigration center and that he was facing deportation. He asked for a deposit of 70,000. zloty.

The woman who lost a total of 100,000 zlotys, reported the matter to the police. She’s not the first victim of the “American Soldier” scam. In early January, the media wrote about a 59-year-old who lost a quarter of a million zlotys in the same way. In September 2022, a resident of Sokółka transferred PLN 350,000 to the fraudster’s account. zlotys. The victims are mostly elderly, single women. Police urge caution.

We urge you to be careful when making new friends on social media or other websites on the Internet, especially if the person you meet asks us for money. Fraudsters are constantly modifying how they operate. Therefore, only our caution, vigilance and distance to the information provided will prevent us from becoming their next victim

– we read on the website of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Rzeszów.

Source: Gazeta


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