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Atresmedia TV begins 2023 as it ended 2022: absolutely leading television audiences

Atresmedia TV apuntala su liderazgo mejorando incluso los datos con los que cerró el año pasado (sube +1,5 puntos respecto a diciembre) y vuelve a alzarse con la triple corona: Atresmedia TV (27,2%) es el Grupo líder en enero, pese a contar con un canal menos que su competidor, Antena 3 (14,2%) es la cadena líder y ya suma 15 meses a la cabeza y laSexta (6%) es la tercera cadena privada más vista.

Atresmedia TV es en enero, como lo fue en 2022, el Grupo líder de audiencia. Registra un 27,2% en el mes (subiendo +1,5 puntos vs diciembre). En Prime Time, repite como el Grupo líder con un 27,3% (+1,0 puntos vs diciembre), aumentando la distancia con su competidor a +3,8 puntos, y le gana también en la franja estelar en Target Comercial (26% vs 25,6%). Es, un mes más, el grupo que más personas ven cada día, con más de 19,6 millones de espectadores únicos cada día y también el más visto en diferido y ya van 22 meses consecutivos de liderazgo en este consumo.

[[H2:laSexta, tercera cadena privada y ‘[email protected]’, líder en la mañana]]

laSexta is in January, one more month, the third most watched private channel and there are already 64 of the last 66 months, and also beating him in Target Commercial (6.9% vs. 6%). ‘[email protected]’ begins the year as 2022 ended: it leads, for the 8th consecutive month, an advantage of +1.5 points over its competition, its best January ever and also winning in its entire broadcast.

laSexta Noticias is the information option that grows the most this month (+0.7 points) and achieved its most viewed month in 9 months.

Antena 3 (14.2%) is the leading TV

In January 2023, the month that celebrates its 33-year history, Antena 3 (14.2%) starts the year as the leading TV and extends its longest historical streak of leadership for 15 consecutive months. It signs the best start to the year since 2009 and is the chain that grows the most compared to December (+0.7 points), achieving the greatest monthly advantage over its main competitor in 25 years (since August 1998): +3.7 points. It is the most watched chain in all time slots from After Mess to Late Night, improving its follow-up in those with the highest consumption compared to last month: After Mess (16.7%, +0.7), Afternoon (13.2%, + 1.3), Prime Time (15.8%, +0.5) and Late Night (11.7%).

In the stellar strip, it increases its indisputable leadership and registers the greatest advantage over its rival in 28 years, since January 1995, which it almost doubles: 15.8% vs. 8.3% and also wins in Target Commercial during the hours of greatest consumption and more appreciated by advertisers, Prime Time (13.7%).

An absolute leadership that endorses its television model, based on a programming that succeeds from morning to night and without sporting events, positioning itself practically every day of the month as the leading TV. In January, I got once again, one more month, the news, the programs and the most watched series on TV. It is also the channel that achieves the most unique viewers, with more than 13.5 million on average each day and the most watched on a delayed basis, for the 14th consecutive month and repeating the season high for this consumption.

Antena 3 Noticias are the leading news programs for the 37th consecutive month and, with an average of 19.5%, they grow and increase their advantage over their competitor to +8 points, again among the largest in history. The network also achieved the most watched programs on TV with ‘Pasapalabra’, ‘El Hormiguero’ and ‘El Desafío’ in the Top 3. ‘Y ahora Sonsoles’ consolidates its leadership in the afternoon with its best month, while ‘Cocina open by Karlos Arguiñano’ and ‘La roulette de la suerte’ remain unbeatable in the morning. Antena 3 also leads in fiction, one more month. Thus, he once again achieved the most watched series in January with ‘Brothers’ and ‘Family Secrets’, leaders in their respective Prime Time and, every day, with ‘Bitter Earth’ and ‘Love is forever’.

As for the thematic channels, Nova (2%) is the feminine theme from Monday to Friday and leads, another month, its strip of soap operas. Neox (2%) achieves its season maximum and thematic leader in 25 to 44 (4.3%). Mega (1.2%) achieves its best records in men (1.6%) and ‘El Chiringuito de Jugones’ continues as the channel’s most watched. And Atreseries (1.7%) continues as the leading newly created chain since its inception, in addition to being the most watched subject matter with its 2nd historical result in this consumption (3.1%).

Source: Lasexta

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