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Jonah Hill in the new Netflix comedy. The famous comedian underwent a spectacular metamorphosis

is one of the most popular comedians. Due to his overweight, which he willingly used when creating his characters, one type of roles stuck to him. Some time ago, the actor decided to get rid of excess weight, but the spectacular metamorphosis meant that he was no longer so desirable on the film market. However, everything seems to indicate that Hill has proved that he has much more to offer than looks, because we can already admire him in the new Netflix romantic comedy “Us and You”.

Jonah Hill became famous as a comedic actor. Appearance was his asset

Jonah Hill first appeared on the screen in 2004 in the movie “How to be yourself”. The greatest popularity brought me roles in hit comedies, such as “Grandma”, “Supersomiec” or “Knocked Up”. So far, the greatest achievements in his career are two Oscar nominations. He was first noticed by the American Film Academy in 2012 thanks to his role in the drama “Moneyball”, and in 2014 he repeated his success thanks to his participation in the cult .

The characteristic appearance combined with an extraordinary sense of humor and acting predispositions made Hill one of the most recognizable comedians in Hollywood. The producers willingly used his overweight, which was considered a huge asset in the film world.

Jonah Hill’s spectacular metamorphosis. The comic doesn’t look like that anymore

Unfortunately, Hill was not comfortable with his body. He has repeatedly said that the appearance for many years was his complex. “I don’t think I ever took my shirt off in the pool until I was thirty, even in front of my family and friends.” It probably would have happened sooner had my childhood insecurities not been compounded by years of public mockery of my body on social media. Now the actor looks completely different than we remember him in numerous hit roles. Although his is impressive, when he began to lose weight, professional proposals also stopped coming. Now he returns to the screens with a new image.

Hill reminded viewers of himself through several productions. Recently, he appeared in the series “Maniac” and in one of the biggest hits of the platform. In turn, on January 27, the premiere of the romantic comedy “We and you” took place, in which he played one of the main roles.

See what Jonah Hill looks like now. His transformation is really impressive.

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