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Helena Englert in Temptation had to appear completely naked. ¦cibakówna explicitly comments on her daughter’s work

Temptation, directed by Maria Sadowska, tells the story of a young journalist Inez (Helena Englert), who soon after arriving in a new city, gets a job at a popular website that follows the lives of sports and screen stars. She becomes entangled in a dangerous game that leads her to a love triangle with a former footballer, Maks (Piotr Stramowski) and her boss, Filip (Adrea Preti). In the bold erotic scenes shown in the film, Helena Englert had to play completely naked.

Helena Englert’s mother about her nude scenes in “Pokus”

Dziennik “” decided to ask the mother of the young actress, Beata Ścibakówna, what she thought about undressed scenes with her daughter. Her reaction shows how much she trusts Helena:

I haven’t seen the movie yet so I can’t say anything. My daughter is 22 years old. She is an adult, mature person. She makes her own choices. He always has support and help in us. The daughter is a student at the Theater Academy and is still studying. Young people have a lot of questions and doubts, so we talk about them. For me, the most important thing is that she does what she loves and what makes her happy. And whether it will be in Poland or abroad does not matter. It’s important for her to follow her dreams

Jan Englert’s wife also does not think that such scenes in films are something special nowadays. – Such scenes are in almost every Polish film. It’s nothing special. I wouldn’t make a special sensation out of it. It depends only on the operator and the director whether these difficult scenes will be shown beautifully … I hope that the film “Temptation” is not just about shocking viewers – she summed up in an interview with a tabloid.

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