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Polish accent in the series “Wednesday”. This part was missed by most viewers

delighted viewers with her role in the series “”. Christina Ricci, who played the title character in the film adaptation of the comics in front of the young actress, set the bar really high. It soon turned out, however, that even die-hard fans of previous adaptations had to come to terms with the fact that a new one was coming and what!

Polish accent in the series “Wednesday”. TikToker noticed an interesting reference

“Wednesday” instantly became a huge hit. She conquered not only the statistics of the platform, but also TikTok and other social media. Publishing serial content works well for the reach of online creators, so it’s not surprising that the network is full of interesting facts about the dark teenager.

One TikTok user even found a reference to Polish culture in the production. Many viewers may have missed this curiosity, and it is really grateful.

Serial Wednesday loves the work of Edgar Allan Poe, as does the co-creator of the series – Tim Burton, who constantly refers to the poet in his productions. The teenage girl decided to follow in her idol’s footsteps and start writing as well. Throughout the show’s first season, Addams is working on a novel.

Unfortunately, we do not find out exactly what story Wednesday tells, but from time to time the creators point the camera at the typewritten pages of the novel. TikToker decided to take a look at one of them.

Mar.rez96 noticed a Polish accent among the written words. Wednesday in the mysterious work mentions “Polish kielbasas”. Netflix has already announced the continuation of the series, so perhaps we will soon find out who in the teenager’s imagination ate or maybe prepared a dish that can be found so often on barbecues in our country.

Source: Gazeta


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