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Edyta Górniak’s son raps again: Mom raised me to be a polite miracle.  He’s not so polite anymore

Edyta Górniak’s son raps again: Mom raised me to be a polite miracle. He’s not so polite anymore

Enso collaborates with Nerwus again and releases a single promoting their joint album. “Wow” is full of glitter and bold lines. Published on January 26, the track has almost 100,000 views. views.

He started his adventure with rap and music production last year

Last year, Allan Krupa, Edyta Górniak’s son, started his career in the music industry under the pseudonym Enso. Previously, he was involved in electronic music as DeadHead. Many of these productions were remixes of well-known themes, e.g. from “Fast and the Furious”, but Allan’s work is also original songs. Relative success was ensured by the single “Lambada”, the music video for which, as part of his 18th birthday, was financed by his mother. He also tried his hand as a producer, responsible for Marcin Najman’s composition, which served as an announcement of the freak-fight gala. During New Year’s Eve, TVP performed together with Górniak behind the console, mixing several well-known hits in a specially prepared set. However, the new year begins with another original material.

The text is bold

Enso’s debut single, “Lambada”, was released 10 months ago, one day after the young rapper’s 18th birthday. The song has already garnered over 600,000 views. views. In the verse that caught the audience’s attention the most, she refers to her mother’s Roma roots.

Allan himself was responsible for the words, music and vocals, and Nerwus was responsible for the mixing and mastering, with whom the artist is now joining forces again. They will release the album “What a time to be alive” together. The album is promoted by the single “Wow”, in which son Górniak breaks with the image of a good boy and, as in his debut single, refers to the relationship with his mother.

My mom raised me to be a polite little prodigy / But what am I supposed to do when your daughter asks you to call her bitch.

– raps hung with gold. The singer has not yet commented on the new production, but has claimed in the past that she has no problem with the language used in her son’s work.

He did this song well. It sits really well. Although I don’t listen to this style every day, it sounds good. This child is capable. I’m the least objective because I’m his mother, but there’s so much swearing I haven’t heard all his life. I am surprised that he used this language in such a sophisticated way. I don’t like swearing and I don’t really like it, but I accept it because I understand that this is the language of hip-hop.

– she said in an interview with Jastrząb Post. Edyta Górniak does not avoid rap. She appeared as a guest in the single “Speak Heart” cooperating with Allan Nerwusa. Earlier, on Instagram, she also shared with her followers recordings where she listens to Malik Montana. – Beautiful, with an angelic voice, she knows what to listen to – the rapper wrote back to her.

The exact release date of Enso and Nerwus’ album will be announced soon.

Source: Gazeta

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