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In 2000, she was at the top. Today, she fights homelessness, and her manager has millions in her account

Hannah Spearritt came under the wing of one of the most recognizable show business managers. Today, he basks in luxury, she – has to face the crisis of homelessness.

On the top

In 1998, Spearritt auditioned for the band S Club 7, formed by Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller. The pop group was focused on creating hits from the beginning, which became possible thanks to the creation of its own series, Miami 7. Spearritt sang with the lineup for 5 years, touring the largest stadiums and earning up to 150,000. pounds a year. During this time, S Club 7 had four singles that gained the title of number one in Great Britain, the best-selling album in the country and numerous conquests of the European Top 10 and Top 100 charts. The band released four albums. In total, over 10 million copies have been sold worldwide. Although many people think that such results guarantee a prosperous life, the singer argues that the reality is completely different.


High wages are fiction?

It seems that the members of the group of as many as 7 people individually earned quite decently. However, these were pennies compared to the generated profits.

We didn’t have a good salary compared to the money we were earning. People think we all have to be millionaires, but unfortunately that’s not true.

– said the former S Club 7 star about her past. Hundreds of dollars were only a small percentage of the earnings of the successful group – most of the money was taken by the producer. Simon Fuller’s net worth is around £445m today. His ward was left with nothing. Instead of living in a luxury villa today, Spearritt was forced to stay with her husband Adam Thomas and their two children (3- and 4-year-old daughter) in an office space belonging to her friend. They treated it like a living room. – It’s extra space. Pretty stressful, but you have to deal with it, right? Especially with children, she recalled. It was a last resort after the owner of the apartment gave her an ultimatum and gave her two days to find a new place to live.

The 41-year-old singer struggled with the homelessness crisis during the holidays, and for the last 6 months she lived in temporary homes.

Our landlord needed money and the property sold so fast. What pissed us off was that we didn’t have time to find another place. We found something for Christmas but ran out of time before we could move in. It was only a few weeks.

she revealed in an interview.

She chose a different career path

The S Club 7 business was not Spearritt’s only source of income. After the group disbanded in 2003, she began her adventure with acting and in 2007 landed a role in the ITV drama “Primeval”. Later, she also tried to open her own coffee shop with her partner – Earth & Fire. However, his new career was interrupted by health problems, which “stopped the coffee shop business”.


I suffered from the disease and hardly got out of bed for three months. This caused problems at the coffee shop. The reasons are very personal. These are matters of life and hard to explain, but ultimately we are still here. And the cafe will open. We are looking forward to the future.

Spearritt concluded the interview optimistically. The singer is not the only member of the band who had financial problems after the breakup. In 2018, Paul Cattermole, another member of S Club 7, sold his Brit Award for £66,000 after claiming he had “bills to pay”. Recently, the group is gearing up for a big comeback, including shows at London’s O2 Arena next fall Hannah Spearritt is the only person who has not confirmed her participation in the event, declaring that she will do so as soon as her health allows it.

Source: Gazeta


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