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The most handsome man in the world was chosen according to “divine proportion”.  The ranking will surprise you

The most handsome man in the world was chosen according to “divine proportion”. The ranking will surprise you

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The golden ratio – also referred to as the divine proportion and the harmonic division – was used to choose the one and only man who is supposed to be closest to the ideal

The divine proportion is also called the golden ratio or the golden ratio, it is a principle known since ancient times, used by architects, painters, sculptors and photographers. The golden ratio, being a mathematical formula, allowed to create works that were perfect in terms of compositional harmony. The divine proportion inspired the plastic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva to find a person with an ideal body proportion.

A plastic surgeon has created a ranking of men with the beauty closest to the ideal

The plastic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva, inspired by the divine proportion, decided to create a ranking of men closest to the ideal. De Silva used a computer face mapping system programmed to follow the rules of the golden ratio in his search for the handsomest celebrity.

No candidate is perfect, but Rege-Jean Page is the closest. His face is 93.65 percent. complies with the requirements of the golden ratio.

Rege won with his classically beautiful face and gorgeous brown eyes. He easily scored top marks for eye spacing and eye placement. His perfectly shaped lips also received high marks. The only rating that was slightly lower was for the width and length of the nose

– explained Dr. Julian De Silva in an interview with New York Post.

The star of the show the Bridgertons ahead of Chris Hemsworth, who scored 93.53 percent. Of his beauty, the surgeon said:

He has the flair of an old Hollywood lover that ranks so high in measuring classic beauty

Also in the top three was Michael B. Jordan, whose face corresponds to the rules of divine proportions in 93.46 percent. Actor known for Black Panther ranks third for “nose width and length” and “double chin”.

Singer Harry Styles, football player Jude Bellingham and actor Robert Pattinson were also off the podium

Fourth place with a score of 92.30 percent was taken by Harry Styles. According to Dr. De Silvy the singer has a practically perfect chin and eye-set. Fifth was the young soccer player Jude Bellingham – 92.22 percent, and sixth Robert Pattinson with a score of – 92.15 percent. In seventh position with a score of 91.92 percent. ranked Chris Evans. Only eighth place was taken by the famous actor and director George Clooney. It collected 89.91 percent.

Despite the passage of years, he is still considered by many women to be the most handsome man, however, in the study of Dr. Da Silva, he took only eighth place due to visible signs of aging and sagging skin.

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