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Take an orange peel and rub it in the sink. You certainly won’t regret it

Unsightly stains or stains on the sink are often difficult to remove. However, there are a few simple ones that will make home cleaning much easier. Most of them we have on hand, and most importantly, they cost pennies.

How to clean a sink at home? Rub the sink with an orange peel

Orange peel is a great trick for minor stains on a steel sink. After peeling the citrus, it is enough to start collecting the surface with the peel to remove dirt and stains. In addition, in this way, a beautiful smell will float in the kitchen.

However, it must be remembered that the effects will be visible only in the case of “dry cleaning”. So before we reach for the orange peel, the sink should be wiped with a paper towel or a dry cloth.

How to clean a kitchen sink? Baking soda and washing up liquid will come in handy

For dried and difficult to remove dirt, baking soda in combination with dishwashing liquid may be useful. The agents should be combined in a 1:2 ratio and mixed thoroughly. We should get a paste-like product. Then, apply it to the surface of the sink, leave it for a few minutes, and then gently wipe it. Finally, just rinse the sink with water and you’re done.

How to impregnate a sink with oil? The most important thing is regularity

During the process, do not forget about its impregnation. This will come in handy for oil. It can be the one we use every day for frying, i.e. sunflower or rapeseed. Just apply a few drops to a dry cloth and gently rub the surface. We’ll notice the difference right away. The sink will shine and the effect will last for a long time. The trick can be used with both granite and steel sinks, but regularity is important. It is best to impregnate the surface after each cleaning, at least once a week.

Source: Gazeta


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