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Do you want hair like Jennifer Aniston?  The actress revealed one simple trick to increase the volume

Do you want hair like Jennifer Aniston? The actress revealed one simple trick to increase the volume

The characteristic hairstyle has greatly contributed to the popularity of Jennifer Aniston. playing in friends, the actress set trends not only in fashion, but also in hairdressing. There was a time when millions of women in the US asked their hairdressers for The Rachel cut.

The actress founded a company with natural hair styling products some time ago, and regularly promotes new products on social media

Jennifer Aniston has been running her own cosmetics brand since 2021, which she willingly promotes on her social media. Some time ago, the actress published a video in which she revealed a trick she uses when styling her hair to give it more volume and lift it at the roots.

The star has been visiting the same hairdresser for years. This time she showed how her hair looks in a natural version and shared the way of everyday styling.

The actress owes her perfect hairstyle to a leave-in conditioner LolaVie Perfecting and drying your hair properly.

  • The actress begins by thoroughly combing her hair
  • It then dries them by directing the nozzle of the dryer upwards
  • She points out that the hair should be dried from the face, thus lifting it at the roots

The method is extremely simple and easy, and brings beautiful results. Will you try?

The celebrity’s favorite hairdresser reveals a trick to get a celebrity-style haircut by yourself at home

Chris Appleton is known for revealing on TikTok how to do the hairstyles that celebrities wear at home. He is the favorite hairdresser of stars such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian or Bella Hadid.

In the videos you can see how Chris makes buns, waves or ponytails that celebrities wear every day. In one of the videos, he shows a simple trick to increase the volume of hair. All you need is two hair ties and a brush.

Try this trick if you want to add volume to your hair and enhance your ponytail

Chris wrote under one of his videos.

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