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This is how Fonseca ‘partied’ with his audience in Guayaquil (although he also became romantic and kissed the hand of a fanatic)

‘Welcome to the Viajante Tour, we’re going to ‘party’ because, besides, today is Friday!”a simple invitation from the Colombian singer-songwriter Fonseca was enough to enliven the public that On Friday, January 27, they met at the Voltaire Paladines Polo Coliseum in Guayaquil. to dance and sing the hits of the interpreter of I send you flowersWho else He took advantage of his reunion with the people of Guayaquil to celebrate that special relationship that, he says, keeps him together with the Pearl of the Pacific.

During two hours and fifteen minutesFonseca and his band made the attendees dance with a very well designed playlist of 27 songs. For Lisbeth, this concert became the opportunity to (finally) see one of her favorite artists for the first time. The ticket was bought by her lover, Hugo. “I love Fonseca, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to go see him, because he was either out of the country or due to schedule, but he bought me the ticket and we came.”

For the duo of friends, Manuel and Aylen, it was, instead, a stroke of luck, because they managed to enter the show after she was the winner of a ticket raffle. “We have liked Fonseca all our lives and I think our favorites are little stream Y since you’re not here”, they agreed. How good that you are if they were considered in the repertoire!

Photo: Francisco Verni Photo: The Universe

without opening act, the Colombian jumped directly onto the stage with Live. Dressed in a casual T-shirt and with an audiovisual projection that accompanied him during each of his songs, the artist reviewed his musical journeyincluding I Came To Get You, 2005 and the romantic Come Y Kisses on the forehead.

Almost halfway through the presentation, Fonseca decided to pay homage to the Pearl of the Pacific with a song that he also considers very much his, as he revealed, the avocadoand that swelled the chest of the attendees with pride and they were motivated to sing it out loud. Although, being faithful to his Colombian roots, he also gave space to vallenato and ‘that magic that this genre has of being able to sing to spite and heartbreak, in a particular way’.

Photo: Francisco Verni Photo: The Universe

Once again with the spirit up, Fonseca shot one after another those songs that he knows excite his followers and that were accompanied by audiovisuals according to the theme of the well-known musicals: Simple hearts, Out of pure curiosity and Cartagena.

But after interpreting little stream Y Long time, He briefly deceived the spectators by simulating the end of his show, although his true fans did not move from their seats until they heard those songs that, they claimed, the Colombian still owed them. Thus, Fonseca returned with success I send you flowerswhich culminated in the artist kneeling down and approaching the first row near the stage to take the hand of one of her followers and kiss her affectionately, but respectfully.

The euphoria of the public was finally unleashed with You are my dream and one golden shower of papers who flew above everyone to fire the winner of several Latin Grammy awards and that, With his show, he wanted to remind his attendees of the importance of living in gratitude and in the present.

Source: Eluniverso


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