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She waited 8 years for a diagnosis. She heard from doctors that “she is so beautiful”

Sandra Hajduk-Popińska is a reporter and TV journalist, who can now be seen in “Dzień Dobry TVN”. She often interviews stars and celebrities, and her greatest passion is music. In a podcast created by ofeminin.pl, she talked about her struggles with doctors and the diagnosis she heard only after 8 years.

Sandra Hajduk-Popińska about the disease. “It’s a constant battle with a demon”

In the conversation, the journalist told about the endometriosis she suffers from and the road she had to travel to hear the correct diagnosis. And it was really long, because it lasted 8 years. During this time, she visited many doctors, from whom she heard most often that “she is so beautiful”. – Endometriosis is a constant battle with the demon you have inside. I’m fighting this demon too. I’ve already had one operation she said, quoted by . The journalist also revealed that although he has a huge impact on her life, today she is better because knowing that she has it turned out to be crucial. As she herself admitted, she had come to the point that when she went to another doctor, she would rather hear something really bad than leave again without a diagnosis.

Sandra Hajduk-Popińska waited 8 years for a diagnosis. “That’s my beauty”

Sandra Hajduk-Popińska also talked about another problem related to endometriosis, which is the lack of understanding from others. Although she can count on the support of her relatives, she often cannot explain to them what the disease is all about, and sometimes even she herself does not understand it. She also drew attention to the fact that women are used to living with constant discomfort and therefore tend to minimize the ailments and situations of other women. – Women, even doctors, often question not only the strength of this pain, and it can be terrible, but they do not believe that you have this disease at all – she admitted. In the conversation, she also mentioned one of the first doctors she went to. – She was the first to tell me that “this is mine” and suggested that the solution to the problem is sex or pregnancy, because then it will stop hurting me. I was about twenty then she mentioned.

Endometriosis is a chronic hormonal and immune disease. It is estimated that up to 10% of people suffer from it. women of childbearing age in the world. – In Poland, the problem of endometriosis may affect up to 3 million women – Lucyna Jaworska-Wojtas, President of the Foundation.

Source: Gazeta


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