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This is the key exercise with which Miley Cyrus sculpted her silhouette for the ‘Flowers’ video

This is the key exercise with which Miley Cyrus sculpted her silhouette for the ‘Flowers’ video

At 30, Miley Cyrus continues to exude an athletic body and a marked abdomen that has been the center of admiration and envy. Recently, the singer took another look at what her body looks like in the promotional video for her new song ‘Flowers’.

Like Shakira, Miley Cyrus tells of her heartbreak: “Flowers” premiered on Liam Hemsworth’s birthday and the video was recorded in the mansion where the actor cheated on her

In this revenge song, released on the birthday of her ex-partner Liam Hemsworth, the American sends a message of self-respect, courage and independence while showing off her defined silhouette and what is probably the secret training behind her spectacular physique.

‘Inertia Wave’: the key exercise for the figure of Miley Cyrus

The ‘Flowers’ interpreter’s favorite workout is called the ‘Inertia Wave’, which consists of using rubber bands that are easy to move anywhere and have kinetic energy capable of impressively boosting caloric expenditure.

She is Gabriella Brooks, Liam Hemsworth’s girlfriend who used to be a dancer for Miley Cyrus

Its power is such that it is even said that 10 minutes are enough to burn more fat than running for a distance of 1.5 km, according to what was published by El Mundo.

The exercises that are handled with this tool are high-impact with interval training (HIIT), which work the entire body, from the shoulders to the center of the body or ‘core’, where a large part of the necessary movements are concentrated. to shake the tires.

Definitely, Miley Cyrus knows how to protect her new motto of “I can love myself better than you can”, because the most important thing about the Inertia Wave is that it never represents a risk to the joints.

This is because the utensil is responsible for absorbing the impact and making the exercises smooth, rhythmic and coordinated, so it is not surprising that, in addition to the author of ‘Flowers’, athletes like LeBron James have used this type of workouts.


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