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Dvicio, a Spanish group that grew up listening to Maná, returns to Ecuador for a concert in Quito

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In it 2018 it was the turn of Guayaquilwith the tour Almost human . Now the fever Department return to the east country 2022this time to Quito. The show will be at Sucre National TheaterJune 18.


Ecuador It is one of the six Latin American destinations where the Spanish quintet will take its international tour thousand times tourwhich in the region covers Colombia, Mexico Y Venezuela. The group’s presentations will also land in various Spanish cities and in Miami (United States).

The trip takes the name of the last single of the group formed by the brothers Andres and Martin Ceballos, Alberto Gonzalez, louis gonzalvo and Ignacio ‘Nacho’ Gotor.

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A thousand times is his most current theme, a song about eThe triumph of love against adversityfrom the point of view of a person in love who prefers to be, as the song says, “a thousand times” with his loved one, despite the complicated situations that life puts in front of him.

The melody is part of his most recent production, The labyrinth, his fourth studio album. “People who like our music, who know our music, I’m sure they will connect in a beautiful way with this album,” says vocalist Andrés during an interview by Zoom.

Luis complements this idea: “It’s an album that we’ve worked a lot on from within, that we’ve made between Spain and France, and that we’ve produced especially with a vision of concerts, live shows, many instruments and epic songs”.

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With this work, Dvicio also wants to demonstrate that he sings to the emotions from a greater maturity, thus marking the evolution of this group that will celebrate 10 years of experience next year and which started when most of its members had just reached the second decade of his life.

“There is a maturity, a different search, a desire to transmit a slightly deeper message, that goes beyond what I sing. We want to give a more forceful message that goes with the way of being that we have now and also with my way of writing the lyrics”, explains the youngest of the Ceballos brothers.

Department emerged in 2013 and debuted on the music scene a year later, with the single Paradise. “Musically, there is a very clear trajectory and evolution, a maturity that obviously passes with the years in which we have learned a lot, from the beginning. first trip to Mexico, even all the studios in which we have recorded”, illustrates Luis. “We have made this album from within, we have done what has come from our hearts and from all those years of learning, which we have wanted to expose in this ‘labyrinth’”.

Another feature highlighted by the musicians from Madrid is the absence of collaborations on this album. The intention, Andrés explains, was “to establish an identity in a much more honest way”. But of course, the door has not been closed to him to work with other musicians, especially with whom he has always admired.

“I think it would be nice to catch Maná, a band that we have always liked a lot… that has inspired us a lot, especially in our adolescence”, shares Andrés.

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Tickets for the concert Department in Quito they can be bought from the web meet2go. Seats available for the show are Meet and Greet Fan Zone, $120; StarBox, $85; Plateau, $75; First Box, $65; Second Box, $55; and Lunette, $45.

the ticket of Meet and Greet Fan Zone allows you to witness the sound check and includes a photo with the band. All entries arrive directly to the email. They can be presented printed or from the mobile phone.

Source: Eluniverso

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