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The tax office may refund up to PLN 3,000 to these taxpayers.  They must meet one condition

The tax office may refund up to PLN 3,000 to these taxpayers. They must meet one condition

People who made payments to the Individual Retirement Security Account in 2022 can take advantage of the IKZE relief. Some of them can gain over 2,000 thanks to payments to the account. zlotys. Check how to take advantage of the relief.

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IKZE relief: limit 2022. This is how much you can pay into the account

One of the tax deductions that you can take advantage of during the settlement is . The limit of payments in 2022 was:

  • PLN 7,106.40 (for natural persons not conducting business activity),
  • PLN 10,659.60 (for persons who run non-agricultural activities).

This is the amount that can be paid into IKZE in a given tax year. This is 1.2 times (or 1.8 times if the taxpayer runs a business) the average projected monthly salary in a given tax year. If you failed to make a payment to IKZE in 2022, nothing is lost. You can take advantage of other tax reliefs, and the amounts paid into the individual pension security account this year will save on tax or increase its refund in the next tax year. It is worth noting that in the case of payments to IKZE, the so-called Belka’s tax.

Tax reliefs 2022. How much can you gain from the IKZE relief? Even PLN 3,000

Assuming that the maximum amount covered by the relief has been paid into IKZE, the taxpayer can gain:

  • persons settling according to the 12% tax scale: PLN 1,279.15,
  • persons settling according to the 32% tax scale: PLN 3,411.07,
  • persons settling their business activity according to the 19% flat tax: PLN 2,025.32.

A person who paid PLN 7,106.40 or PLN 10,659.60 (in the case of non-agricultural business) to IKZE in 2022 may therefore gain over PLN 3,000, provided that their earnings “fell” into the second tax attempt.

How to take advantage of the IKZE relief? When submitting a tax return (-28, PIT-36, PIT-37 or PIT-36L), you must complete the PIT/O attachment.

When is the tax refund 2023? From a few days to up to three months

The date when you will receive your tax refund depends on when you submit your tax return and in what form you make it. For people who settled electronically, the maximum period is 45 days, but it happens that the money is credited to the account after a few days. On the other hand, persons who submitted their tax return in person or sent it by post will have to wait a maximum of 3 months for their tax refund. In case of delays, it is worth contacting the office.

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