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How do I get rid of ants in my home and garden? Here are the most effective methods for less than PLN 3

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they love to visit our houses, apartments and gardens. Unfortunately, these visits are not pleasant for the household members. This problem can be successfully get rid of with home-made and effective methods. You will not spend more than PLN 3 on them.

What about ants at home? We know proven ant remedies from our kitchen

If ants show up in our house, one of our mothers is in our kitchen. Make a 1/1 solution of vinegar and water in a bottle, e.g. old window cleaner. Spray the liquid thus created directly on the ants, they will be quickly killed in this way. Then wipe them with a damp paper towel and discard.


Homemade preparation for ants in the garden, i.e. cucumber peels

Few people know that ants, which additionally contain a substance that is toxic to these small insects. If this vegetable appears in the garden, they will try to avoid it. How can we use it? You can spread the cucumber peels where you have seen the ants. You can also put them in an atomizer bottle and pour water over it. Leave for a few days and then sprinkle these areas with such water.

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How does it work? Ants use their sense of smell to communicate with each other, and the cucumber deprives them of it. It is because of the same substance that acts like a poison for them. All this makes cucumber really effective in repelling these insects.

What for an ant bite? The most common pharaoh ants in our homes are not dangerous

About 80 types of ants live in our country and. Quite often in our homes we meet so-called pharaohs, whose bites should not worry us. The most aggressive variety are common rabbits, the bites of which may hurt a bit more than other insects. How to recognize them? Workers are small (4-5 mm long). Coloration is variable, usually brown or red. The head is covered with numerous grooves, the body is covered with fine, dense hairs. In addition, Formica ants can bite in Poland and it is because of them that the most common allergic reactions occur.

What to do when we fall victim to a bite? In order to eliminate unpleasant sensations, it is best to use a gel that soothes such bites or insect bites. Thanks to them, the pain will quickly subside. Cold compresses can also be used. There will be small blemishes at the site of the bite, which should not last long.

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