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“I like the stage alone and frankly I don’t need to be with anyone”: This is how Luis Miguel refused to be part of the Menudo group at the time it was all the rage in Latin America

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The fever spread by Luis Miguel among his millions of fans spread to various countries around the world. The release of his records generated sales records, and tickets to his concerts were sold out in a matter of a few days. This was the furor inspired by the interpreter in the 80s and 90s, when the Menudo group also achieved undeniable popularity.


The success of his songs with an indisputable vocal quality made him a superstar considered “El Sol de América”. This is how the Mexican singer received hundreds of proposals to collaborate with other singers.

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And it was one of them that rejected, specifically the group made up of six adolescent members, created in Puerto Rico, who achieved a name that will always be remembered by several generations.


For this reason Luis Miguel said no to be part of Menudo

Luis Miguel conquered the top very soon. Being just a child, Luisito Rey sought to exploit the musical talent that his son showed from a very young age. And in this way, the Mexican artist managed to conquer world stages with his voice.

At the same time, the group that was known under the name of Menudo was experiencing the height of its greatest popularity, being a group that recruited adolescent talent. For this reason, his producer and manager, Edgardo Díaz proposed to the Spaniard and father of the Aztec singer, if he was interested in his son joining the band.

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The years passed and this proposal never prospered. And the career of the Mexican star continued and on his tour of the world, Luis Miguel arrived in Argentina, where he was invited to the Susana Giménez program on the Telefe channel, detailed the Depor portal.

The well-known presenter did not hide that she succumbed to the natural charm of the artist, whom she praised for his charisma and congratulated him on his string of undisputed successes on international stages. It was in the middle of the conversation that the cheerleader asked her why she refused to be part of Menudo.

It was the year 1992, and the interpreter of “La Incondicional” was 22 years old, the age at which he wore all the sex appeal that for years has characterized him, and in his own voice he confessed why he was never interested in being a member of the youth group.

Although the presenter was confused that “Luismi” was part of the band, Aracely Arámbula’s ex clarified that he was not, and that it was he who rejected the proposal to be part of the group in which Ricky Martin started.

“At first they offered me to participate, but I did not like the idea, I like the idea of ​​being alone, I really enjoy the stage alone and frankly I do not need to be with anyone,” he said, clarifying why he never accepted.

Given Giménez’s confusion, Luis Miguel clarified that he was never part of any musical group. “Actually I never got to be with any group, there was a proposal, but I never accepted it, for the same reason, because I always liked being alone,” he said.

Being very young, he refused that experience in which many teenagers showed up to audition and be part of Menudo, where several of its members are still known for being members of the unforgettable group. (AND)

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Source: Eluniverso

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