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Camaraderie, professionalism and love for culture characterize the human team of the Sánchez Aguilar Theater; meet the staff that make “the show go on”

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It was worth opening a theater, he says Maria Cecilia Sanchez, executive director of the Sanchez Aguilar Foundation. On the eve of the tenth anniversary – which is celebrated this Monday, May 16, 2022 – remember how on the land where the Sanchez Aguilar Theater some other options were considered; from a hospital to a convention center. “He (Carlos Sánchez Aguilar) wanted to leave something that would serve the community. He has been a person who loves music, art, reading, education”, tells in an interview with EL UNIVERSO.


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Today he feels “extremely proud” that the decision has been a theater. It is true that along the way they went through -and continue to go through- some tests that they overcame with temperance. One of those tests was the pandemic, which caused the closing of its doors for a few months. “We are reactivating ourselves, but we are not yet activated at 100″he maintains.


However, the possibility of a definitive closure of the space never crossed his mind. “We always look for a way to continue”, defend.

That is why these ten years are celebrated in an atmosphere of hope and joy.. “The theater is very important in the formation of a society. Theater is something that changes a person, because it leads you to experience different things. There are works that challenge you, there are works that make you question, there are works that make you think of yourself, because scripts are the life of the human being”, express.

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The Sánchez Aguilar Theater celebrates its first decade with 100% capacity and two own productions for 2022

And this exciting work -as he summarizes it- is also due to the effort of each one of those who form and trained the human personnel of the TSA. “I love this team, it is a team that has given so much to the theater. In this time of pandemic they were unconditional, they have given everything and more, no matter the circumstance, here they were”, says the director, resisting the emotion of crying.

“The life that is lived here is one of great camaraderie and as a director I respect the team a lot, because it is a young team. You have a special magic to move in this environment of today’s world and that is something that brings so much to any company”, Add.

He sees it as a team -which despite coming from different areas- is constantly preparing to manage the theater. Let’s get to know some of those fundamental pieces that behind a show put all their professionalism into action to make possible what the spectators see on stage.

Cristina Zavala Roca, Head of Events and Room

Before an event or theatrical function, there is a team that is also in charge of all the logistics within the theaters, their work is before, during and after each act. The leadership of this has Cristina Zavala Roca, Head of Events and room. “We are all hosts. We have to make the public feel that they are being received and that they feel at home”, He says.

As a professional, she feels happy with an institution that has given her the opportunity to grow. “Being part of this family is gratifying, it has allowed me to grow professionally, I started as room manager and then I was event manager. Then this idea of ​​Café Vino Bar came up, with which we ventured to have our own menu, our own barista”, it states.

Also in charge of Cafe Wine Bar reveals that one day they met as a group and brainstormed the entire menu that is now part of the space. “We wanted to have a rich and varied menu. We chose the sandwiches, we did a bread tasting test, then the boards… as time went by we created more dishes”.

José Luis Pastuza, stagehand

He dresses completely in black in each performance, with his canvas shoes he moves in a matter of 3 to 5 seconds to change the environments of the works. “We do the magic part of the theater, we take out and put in sets without being noticed. That’s the most fun.”he maintains.

“I like all my work, seeing that each work is new, each director is a new challenge. When foreign companies come we learn things that we did not know, and with these mechanisms we speed up the work more “confess.

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His first performance was Don Juan’s teasing nine years ago. During his office he has even been an extra character. “Once I had to take out a set, leave quickly and change my wardrobe, because I entered as an ice cream man. They bothered me that it was my minute of fame “bill.

It feels happy to be part of these ten years of Sánchez Aguilar. “It’s a ‘cool thing’ to be part of the TSA, because of the experience one gains. I wish you to continue undertaking culture, it is hard work, but you have to do it. It’s super special work, but fun.”

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Ana Belén Ribas, executive producer

Ana Belén Ribas entered the TSA as an assistant in 2017; two months ago she assumed the position of executive producer, which is nothing more than to watch over all the productions that are staged in the theater, whether they are productions, rentals, or co-productions. “It is from seeing the programming with Ramón Barranco, planning and projecting the projects. If as an audience you don’t realize that there are things that are happening behind the curtain, it means that the production is excellent. The executive production converges with the rest of the departments”.

He explains that his job includes other tasks such as printing the script, arranging rehearsals, getting the castingbe the host for international artists, and produce all the props for the play. For which it is also important that he attend the rehearsals, because in these is the entire transformation of the work. “One thing is what you read, and another absolutely different thing is editing”, mentions.

He defines his work as a dream come true. “It’s not a job, it’s a passion. It’s a pleasure to come here.” expresses, while holding one of the costumes of the play Romeo and Juliet which it guards in a warehouse with more than 2,000 pieces.

“For me the most beautiful moment is the opening night (…) the applause of the public makes everything worthwhile”, Add.

Diego Chang, Marketing Manager

Four years ago his communication and marketing field took a different course. Since Diego Chang joined the TSA team and was responsible for marketing the works, through what he calls ccultural communication. He says his job It starts with reading the script. “We talked with the directors and actors; we understand the essence of the work to later develop a marketing and communication plan for the work”, he details.

“One of the great challenges in our area is to contextualize the work, so that when you talk to a person about a work, they understand what they are going to come to see and why they are going to come to see it”, details.

He confesses that what he likes most about his job is constantly creating, since in the cultural sphere communication is not linear. And at this level, the media also intervene as a fundamental pillar, he says. “It allows us to continue reaching out to the community and for the community to catch on. Without the media, the task would be impossible.

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Mario Alvarado, Administrative Financial Assistant

The part of payments, quotes and everything that has to do with numbers is handled by mario alvarado nine years ago. As an administrative assistant, he has the task of keeping the accounts of the theater, something that he saw as a real challenge at the beginning.

The inventory that he carries in the TSA is different, it includes not only office tools, but everything that is required for a production, from the payment of an actor to the cost of the wood used in the scenery. Your mission is “make the least expense, without losing that quality or improving that quality. See alternatives to be able to use the income we generate well, through the different methods”He says.

He proudly sees all the tests they have passed as a cultural institution, and applauds the fact that they have found ways to continue betting on art. This is also attributed to the loyalty of the public even in the most critical moments.

He is happy to be part of that human team that adds efforts and professionalism from behind so that everything works in the best way. “It’s very rewarding because you really feel a family atmosphere here,” it states. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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