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The ‘unusual’ will take over the Sánchez Aguilar Theater on its tenth anniversary

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Ramon Barranco sums up these ten years of Sanchez Aguilar Theater (TSA) In two words: exciting and rewarding. As artistic director of the space he has witnessed two births of theater, on May 16, 2012 when it was inaugurated with the work state of anger and the August 15, 2020 when it reopened with the musical Living is a cabaret, after five months closed due to the pandemic. And it is that this Spaniard always knew that starting a theater of such magnitude was a professional challenge that they always assumed as a team, with love and with the motto ”every week, something new to enjoy”.


The Sánchez Aguilar Theater celebrates its first decade with 100% capacity and two own productions for 2022

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“What we have achieved in these ten years I think has been a showcase for all citizens, not only from Samborondón, not only from Guayaquil, but even from all of Ecuador. It has been a showcase of the national and international performing arts as we could not even dream of when we began to make the strategic project of the theater”Barranco maintains in an interview with this newspaper.


“It really has been ten years of great enthusiasm and a lot of work”he remarks.

A number of national and international artists from different areas of the arts have passed through the theater stages: theater, music, cinema, dance, painting, stand-up In total there have been more than 12,000 shows, more than 30 own productions, and more than 2,200 performances in this first decade. “It was an important part of our mission as a theater to work and make known to all the groups, those already established and those emerging. One of the things with which I feel most satisfied is being able to have removed a little all the foundationyes”, express.

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Paulsen Studio: five years of resistance, vocation, training and theater for all audiences

In this time the theater built in the canton of Samborondón has tried to cover all its corners to continue making art and culture; because in addition to the main room, there is the Zaruma room, the lobby, the Vino Bar café and the cozy third room. Even with the pandemic, other possibilities were opened, such as the Open Air Theater every Wednesday, which this month presents Death of love, with Ana Passeri and Juan Carlos Roman. “They have been things that have forced us to reinvent ourselves in some way and that I think we have been able to get right, since the public is following them very well. The theater is a very large space and you have to make the most of it”, Barranco emphasizes.

For this reason, following this line of exploration of unconventional spaces, this month they will inaugurate what they have decided to call ‘Unusual sessions’. “These ‘Unusual Sessions’ are going to be in those spaces that the public cannot normally access in a theater. They are not going to be in rooms, we do not intend to set up new rooms, but rather something very different, it is going to be very special because it is going to be for very few people”, advances the artistic director.

This new proposal will consist of ten intimate concerts (for the tenth anniversary) with local artists; the first of them will be done this month with the musical proposal The Neapolitan, from Hector Napolitano (Old Napo). “We are going to tell whoever can come to listen, but they will never know where they are going to appear,” mentions by way of expectation.

He completely discards the idea that the TSA is an elitist theater, because together with the work team they are thinking of shows that are aimed at all types of audiences, and of all ages. “We want people to think that theater is not elitist at all. As much as its architecture sometimes calls to think about it, it is quite the opposite, it wants to be a place with constantly open doors…”.

We need a cultural policy

Barranco believes that art and culture is what makes a human being live, so continuing to bet on these should be a State priority. “Culture is the right of all the citizens of a country, just like education, just like having a home, just like getting a job, just like eating”Explain.

“A cultural policy with a little more vision would be needed. For more than 70 years this country has had a project called Casas de las Culturas, that exist in each of the 24 provinces that Ecuador has. They are places that over time -some- have been deteriorated. I have read and many things were done years ago… Each and every one of these houses has a stage space. Much more could be done.” Add.

billboard 2022

The artistic director of the TSA mentions for this 2022 two own productions. One of them is the musical Antoine, that will go through the life of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, author of the classic The little Prince. It is a work that has been written and is going to be directed by Ignasi Vidal, who has already worked several times in this city and with us also specifically”, Barranco says.

The second local production will be an adaptation of the novel Letter from a stranger from Stefan Zweig. “We have invited one of the great Colombian directors, Manolo Orjuela. Five actresses are going to appear and for the first time we are going to have an international actress like Patricia Tamayo (Colombia) for one of our productions”, announces.

While within the international proposals there are The Vivancos. “It’s a group that does a very modern dance from flamenco,” he says. The Argentine group Bandalos Chinos will also arrive.

For children, they will bring the group in September singgame, Known for things like Chuchuwá, I am a cupand other reinterpretations.

While other local productions are presented during this month, such as cricket night, with Andres Crespo Y Maria Ortega; and sensory work Together we can, every Sunday in May. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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