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Margarita Barriga Pino will present her book ‘Wilson y Panchito’ this Sunday, May 15

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A new story and characters presents the Ecuadorian writer Daisy Belly Pine through his book Wilson and Panchowhich on this occasion has tennis as its main figure, which through its representatives have honored Ecuador with its glories.

In this book, its protagonists, Wilson and Panchito, according to the author, represent “sincerity, honesty and respect.”

Wilson and Pancho will be presented this Sunday, May 15, at 11:00, in the main hall of Guayaquil Tennis Club, Samborondón annex.

How and when did the idea of ​​writing Wilson and Pancho?

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For our family and for many, the Guayaquil Tennis Club (GTC) has been a place of innumerable pleasant memories. Since I had my 8 small children, at school, I often took them to the club, so they could play sports and discipline their minds and spirits. Almost every time they left school we went to the club, they did their activities, they put down their backpacks to do their homework, they ate something there and they came home practically to sleep.

It was truly our second home.

I have unforgettable memories, such as the famous New Year’s Eve dances, at 07:00 we arrived at the house when the children woke up, and to continue living.

When it was time for mom and dad to be alone, it was our turn, Armando in his gym and me with the “early risers” doing water exercises, then we both had our breakfast, and continued working.

I have gone back to these memories so that you know the love I have for the GTC. And to all those silent people showing us their smile, that’s why I wanted to write this story, which can be part of a saga, since here I have taken the tennis players who have honored us with their glories.

When I proposed to Cheché Macchiavello to write the history of certain tennis players, he agreed.

Who do Wilson and Panchito represent and why those names?

For this story I had to create a fantasy character and what better way to use Wilson’s name, which is one of the brands of balls used to play tennis, Wilson will be the common thread in the story.

Panchito is the mascot of the GTC. He accompanies Wilson on his adventures. The club has had some Panchitos tennis players.

What is the message or goal of Wilson and Panchito?

In history the two represent sincerity, honesty and respect, which is what should be highlighted in sports, to achieve victories.

Considering that the arrival of tennis in Ecuador has a long history, what was the challenge to summarize in six chapters?

This story had to be summarized, it is designed for young people, there are certain anecdotes that today’s youth may not know, I fall short in this narration, I put some fantasy with Wilson and Panchito precisely to catch children and young people in reading .

In the acknowledgments part, she mentions several people and one that stands out is her son Andrés, who did not let her “throw in the towel”. What situations were leading her to give up?

“Throwing in the towel” is a well-known saying, it’s like getting stuck in something, not being able to continue. It was hard for me to summarize so many glories that tennis players have given us, that sometimes I lost sleep and consequently a little headache. I told my son Andrés and that’s where the “mommy, keep going, you can do it” came from. These words of his encouraged me again and I resumed the story in which I had gotten myself.

Another person who helped me a lot and for whom I am grateful is Mario Canessa. I took many ideas from his tennis book, which I consider to be a true encyclopedia of the first 100 years of this sport.

I want to mention Isabella Fuentes Baquerizo, my granddaughter, who has accompanied me since my first stories, making the drawings, they are very well interpreted for what I want to convey, with this there would be about 20 edited stories.

Getting children’s attention so that they engage with the story is not always easy. What is the main thing at the time of writing to get the interest of the little ones?

Let them be simple stories for the little ones, they must be accompanied by many drawings, because they can read through them. For the older ones, the text is increased and the figures are reduced, for these ages it is more difficult to hook them, if they have not had a good reading habit since childhood; That’s why you have to have varieties of stories available to children and help them choose for themselves.

Where can I get the book and what is the value?

The book belongs to the GTC. (I)

Source: Eluniverso

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