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Eurovision 2022 Winner: First Place Result and Ranking

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The results of Eurovision 2022 are close to the forecasts of all the polls. Televoting has made Ukraine the big winner of the night. In addition, the result of Chanel Terrero is one of the best in recent years, leaving Spain in 3rd place. The best result since 1995, when we were in 2nd place, also we had not been third since 1984.

Ranking of the winners Eurovision 2022

1st. Ukraine: 631 points

2nd. United Kingdom: 466 points

3rd. Spain: 459 points

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4th. Sweden: 438 points

5th Serbian: 312 points

Eurovision 2022 Score

Czech Republic 38 points: We Are Domi sings ‘Lights Off’

Romania 65 points: WRS sings ‘Call me’

Portugal 207 points: Maro sings ‘Saudade, saudade’

Finland 38 points: The Rasmus sings ‘Jezebel’

Switzerland 78 points: Marius Bear sings ‘Boys Do Cry’,

France 17 points: Alvan & Ahez sing ‘Fulenn’

Norway 182 points: Subwoolfer sings ‘Give that wolf a banana’

Armenia 61 points: Rosa Linn sings ‘Snap’

Italy 268 points: Blanco and Mahmood sing ‘Brividi’

Spain 459 points: Chanel sings ‘SloMo’

Netherlands 171 points: S10 sings ‘De Diepte’

Ukraine 631 points: Kalush Orchestra sings ‘Stefania’

Germany 6 points: Malik Harris sings ‘Rockstars’

Lithuania 128 points: Monika Liu sings ‘Sentimentai’

Azerbaijan 106 points: Nadir Rustamli sings ‘Fade To Black’

Belgium 64 points: Jérémie Makiese sings ‘Miss you’

Greece 215 points: Amanda Tenfjord sings ‘Die Together’

Iceland 20 points: Systur sings ‘Með Hækkandi Sól’

Moldova 253 points: Zdob şi Zdub & Frații Advahov sing ‘Trenulețul’

Sweden 438 points: Cornelia Jakobs sings ‘Hold Me Closer’

Australia 125 points: Sheldon Riley sings ‘Not The Same’

UK 466 points: Sam Ryder sings ‘Space Man’

Poland 151 points: Krystian Ochman sings ‘River’

Serbia 312 points: Konstrakta sings ‘In Corpore Sano’

Estonia 141 points: Stefan sings ‘Hope’

The forecasts are fulfilled

The representative of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, Chanel Terrero, had a 17% chance of winning the European contest in the final in the city of Turin (Italy).

According to information from Sportium, Chanel had assured its presence among the top five positions in the contest and, at this time. In this sense, the experts of the betting platform lower the expectations of the Spanish candidacy and placed it in fifth position in the ranking. In this case, Ukraine was the winner with odds of 1.40, followed by the United Kingdom (6.55), Sweden (8.00), Italy (10.00) and Spain (15.00).

Source: Lasexta

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