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“Three months after having a baby, I was back in the sweet wait”: Patty and Carlos Hernández, the happy couple who have 16 children and with the desire to continue procreating

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With no plans to close the “baby factory”, the American couple made up of Patty and Carlos Hernández are proud to be parents of no less than 16 children and the highlight of their history: they wish to have many more!

The marriage went viral on social networks due to the number of offspring they have and the desire to continue expanding the family further.

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Patty and Carlos Hernández have 16 children and want many more

Patty, 40, is hoping to conceive again, saying she is “really fertile.” Her 16 children have names that begin with the letter “C” in honor of her husband, Carlos, 39, who supports his wife to continue growing the Hernández family.

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The spouses met at church and “it was love at first sight.” Both wanted to have children and they always showed it, but what the couple never imagined is that they would have such a large family. “We started with one and ended with 16. We never imagined that there would be so many,” Patty told the Hoy Día newspaper.

However, they revealed that they got off to a slow start. “I had trouble getting pregnant with Carlos for almost two years. I guess my body wasn’t ready yet,” she recounted.

It took two years to conceive after marriage

Without using any form of contraception, for two years they tried to become parents without success. “Starting a family became a challenge and Patty almost gave up hope,” said Carlos.

In 2008, they finally managed to conceive their first child. “God did the miracle,” Patty explained. “We were asking God for a child and he just started giving us children. We started getting pregnant every three months” (after each delivery).

Carlos was the first to arrive. The little one who is now a teenager, he is the eldest of the huge family that includes three sets of twins.

“I am so happy when I am pregnant,” she said. “About three months after having a baby, I’m usually back to sweet waiting.”

On the other hand, as a tribute to the lucky father, the couple gives each of their children a name that begins with the letter “C”, but with a second meaning: “We name everyone with a “C”, because the name of my husband begins with “C”, and also for Christ. So, in honor of both of us, we chose that letter,” Patty concluded. (I)

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