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“Never Meet Your Heroes”: Salt Bae Fan Turns On Celebrity Chef By Recounting His Disappointment For Scorning Him And Rude Back When Saw Him Head-On

Nusret Gökceor better known in social media What “Salt Bae”, turned viral recently, as a fan of his assured that it was a disappointment to meet him in person.

The tiktoker “Masala Bhai” visited one of the restaurants of the media chef and paid a large amount of money to meet him.

However, the meeting did not go as expected, because after saying some heartfelt words to him and having told him that he considered him his role model, the cook answered curtly and rudely, as reported by El Tiempo.

Salt Bae’s fan dedicated a few words to him and he despised him

“I literally try to be like you. I have learned everything from you, I make my own videos like you because you are my inspiration. You helped me set up my own business,” the follower told the famous chef.

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According to the Trome web portal, despite his fan’s words, “Salt Bae” only applauded and replied: “Enjoy, go away” and then turned the other way. This meeting for his follower was disappointing and in another video he commented: “Never meet your heroes, either you die a hero or you live long enough to become a villain.”

However, this was not the only thing for which the Turkish chef was criticized, as the young man also paid $600 for the influencers salt and serve a steak at the table where he was eating with his family.

But, this was also disappointing as “Salt Bae” came over to the table with his airpods and at all times seemed to be talking to someone on his cell phone. In addition, she did not speak to his diners.

The young man called it disrespectful and wrote in his clip: “We pay a lot for an experience. He only came as a formality and conversed with his friend all the time in English and left ”. In addition, the young man also commented that he would not recommend this restaurant because it was a waste of money for him.

Netizens “cancel” Nusret Gökçe for her attitudes

Several netizens reacted to the videos and they assure that Nusret Gökçe should be “cancelled”. “For any circustance. ‘Salt Bae’ should have been canceled years ago, when he started selling his cheapest streak for £200.”

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“Bro, he dedicated his life to ‘Salt Bae’ and ‘Salt Bae’ has the worst personality”, “The waiter in the back was more touched than ‘Salt Bae’”, “Salt Bae’ only cares about money and materials ”, read in the comments. (AND)

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Source: Eluniverso


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