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A closing romance: the love between two nuns inspires a documentary that breaks with conservative conventions

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Not even faith could stop the love between Fani and Marita. They both lived as cloistered nuns in two different convents in Croatia, but one day fate brought them together. “She told me that she was coming to Zagreb to see me, and I thought… she’s crazy!” Fani has confessed. However, Marita assures that they already knew that there was something between them.

Marita Radovanovic was 18 years old when she became a nun. “The rules say that in the convent there can be no bonds“, she remembers. Instead, Fanica Feric always knew that she was a lesbian, but she was afraid to say it in her small town. At the age of 23 she entered a convent: “In every generation there was at least one nun who was a lesbian.. It is like that, and whoever says no, lies, “she assures.

One day, both gave up the habit and now their lives have inspired the documentary ‘Faith and Freedom’, which does not intend to provokebut to elicit empathy in a conservative society.

Ivana Marinic Kragic, director of the documentary, has assured that it is a film that “tells the story of an unexpected love”: “My goal was to tell that each one has personal freedom, as an individual choose their destiny what they want to be” , has explained.

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Today, Fani works in the tourism sector and Marita in restaurants. “We enjoy the silence and pray. God sees everything, and those who want to judge let them judge, that doesn’t matter to me anymore,” the ex-nun assured. Now they walk the path of life together as brave women in search of their true identity and freedom.

Source: Lasexta

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