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What happens if Ukraine wins Eurovision? Would it be held in Spain?

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Yes, Chanel Terrerorepresentative of Spain in the eurovision Song Contest, is one of the preferred competition. But she is not “the favorite”. Whether for political reasons or because of the tenderness aroused by the theme of their song, the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra is this year’s favorite.

And this was demonstrated in the semifinal on Thursday, when the sextet managed to secure their first place by performing their “Stefania”: mixture of folk, hip hop and electronic arrangements. The song composed before the war by the leader of the group, Olen Psink, in tribute to his mother, he could become the winner of the European contest.

The truth is that they were not going to be the representatives of Ukraine In the first moment. The one in charge of acting on behalf of the country at war was the singer Alina Pash. However, a controversy peppered his candidacy, since he had no choice but to withdraw after discovering that in 2015 he had traveled to Crimea, prohibited by the laws of his country. “I’m an artist, not a politician,” she excused herself.

In his place comes the group Kalush Orchestra, who was forced to shoot his video presentation in Poland for obvious reasons. For some eurofans, the participation of these six boys is a light on the path for the citizens of this country. This is what the camera operator for OGAE Ukraine Vitalii Lirnyk says: “Any good news for Ukraine right now would be very important.”

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Far from it, it has begun to debate the justice of a ukrainian victory in this edition, although it was not for strictly musical reasons. The experts do not dare to position themselves against it. “Music is the daughter of the times and reflects what happens. If it wins, it’s because it needed to win,” says the expert journalist on the subject lee adams. For its part, Kristian Boswelll, from Radio Sweden, assures that Eurovision “is always a mixture of many things: you can win for the song, for the performer or for something beyond that conquers the audience and makes them get involved”.

Where will Eurovision be held next year if Ukraine wins?

Parallel to this, a question has arisen: Where will celebrate Eurovision next year yes Ukraine wins? The truth is that some representatives of Spanish cities have already presented themselves as an option, given the great expectation that Chanel Terrero’s fifth place in the Eurovision bets has raised.

Barcelona is one of them. The first deputy mayor of Barcelona, James Collboni, assured this Friday that if the Catalan singer Chanel won Eurovision, Barcelona would apply to host the next edition of the song festival. “We are a city of festivals, we have the most important ones. Of course we can host the next Eurovision festival but Chanel must win first,” Collboni said in statements collected by EFE.

Thus, Collboni explained that if so, RTVE is who should decide where The Eurovision Song Contest will be held next year. Valencia also offered to host the future European celebration. your mayor, Joan Ribó, from Compromís, spoke about it a week ago. “It is a matter of will, not monetary,” said the first Valencian mayor in his networks. Madrid He has also joined the group of candidates. It was done by the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, who argued that the capital had good infrastructure. “It is one of the best endowed in Europe, along with Paris”, defended the company of the Government of the PP in the Madrid City Council.

Leaving aside the statements of the political representatives, the reality is that, in the event that Ukraine were proclaimed champion of Eurovision 2022, there is the possibility of transferring the organization next year to another country. However, RTVE has already denied that, as has been published, they have negotiated host the festival in Spain in 2023unless Chanel – bullfighter jacket, fan and fanfare of trumpets – wins.

Source: Lasexta

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