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Why didn’t Meg Ryan and Kelly McGillis not appear in the new “Top Gun”? “I look my age”

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The director of “Top Gun: Maverick”, Joseph Kosinski, admitted that he did not even consider for a moment to show the heroines played by Meg Ryan and Kelly McGillis in the latest production. “These were not the threads we used to flip through,” he said in one of the most recent interviews and stressed that he was more concerned with introducing new threads than with dragging all the old ones.

The return of “Top Gun”, but not for everyone

Kelly McGillis, in the blockbuster movie that launched Tom Cruise’s career, played the main female role – an atrophysicist and lecturer at an aviation academy, as well as the beloved of the main character. It would seem that since the plot of their romance was an important narrative axis of the first part, someone could at least mention it in the new film. The actress, as well as Bradshaw Meg Ryan’s “Goose” wife, have not even been informed about the resumption of the project.

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McGillis gave an interview in 2019 in which she commented on the matter bluntly. She noticed that she was 29 when they filmed the film in 1986. Now he is 65 years old and he does not hide it. Entertainment Weekly said:

I’m old, fat and I look exactly as old as I’m supposed to be at that age – and that’s not what this industry is about after all.

She also emphasized that she much prefers to feel good in her own skin than to worry about such things. Shortly before the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick”, this issue was also addressed in an interview with director Joseph Kosinski. He admitted that he had not even considered showing the further fate of the main female characters from the first part. Why?

These were not stories we would flip through. I also didn’t want all the threads to always look back and refer to the past. It was very important for me to introduce new characters.

However, we will see in the new film by Val Kilmer, who in the first part played the role of Tom “Iceman” Kazansky. Kilmer struggled with a throat cancer and underwent a tracheotomy in 2014, after which he almost lost the ability to speak. His voice was recovered thanks to Sonantic, which used archival recordings to digitally recreate his voice.

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Tom Cruise insisted on his colleague playing with him in the sequel “Top Gun” despite his health problems. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer in August 2021 recalled in an interview with

He told us: We must have Val, we must have him back. He was pushing for it a lot, stressing that if he is going to make a new ‘Top Gun’, Val must necessarily play in it. He’s a great actor and a good person. We had a great time on the set of the first part and we wanted some of the old crew to meet again.

“Val has an extremely unique talent, you will see it in our scene – it meant a lot to me” – said Tom Cruise himself during a meeting with the press at the Midway Museum in San Diego on May 4. Kosinski also emphasized earlier that the cinematic relationship of these two characters is one of the most important plot elements: “The rivalry and relationship between Iceman and Maverick is one of the things that make this first film so iconic. It’s a relationship that is important to the story. of the Top Gun series and as a fan I’d love to see how it developed. “

In the new “Top Gun” we meet Pete “Maverick” Mitchell after 30 years. We know that he is an aviation instructor and will meet the son of the deceased in the first part of Goose (Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw – played by Miles Teller), whose mother was played in 1986 by Meg Ryan. The main character will also have an important mission – he has to prove that pilots are irreplaceable even when we have modern machines. In addition, he will also have a new girlfriend, played by Jennifer Conelly, who recently turned 51.

Source: Gazeta

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