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It is hard to believe what happened on the set of “Honey Years”! The backstage of the show has recently been revealed

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“Miodowe Lata” is a cult series broadcast on Polsat television in the years 1998-2003. At first, it was not an original script. The series was created on the basis of an American series, but, as in the case of the series “Nanny”, the threads and characters were slightly changed, paying attention to, among others, cultural differences. The production was comedic and was based primarily on scenes that took place in one room. It was the home of the Krawczyk family – Karol and Alina. Years later, interesting facts from the series’ set were revealed. This can be a real treat for fans!

“Don’t Karoluj mi now” or who were the main characters of “Honey Years”

Apart from Karol and Alina Krawczyk, Tadeusz and Danuta Norek were equally important figures. Their controversial neighbor “Kurski” and “Mummy”, that is Alina Krawczyk’s mother-in-law, visited them regularly. An interesting theme in the series were the works performed by both leading characters. Karol Krawczyk played the role of a driver, jokingly referred to in the series as a “tram driver”. Tadeusz Norek is a plumber, which many times became the subject of jokes on Karol’s part. When he was completing the crossword with the question “an animal that lives in the sewers,” he entered his friend’s name without hesitation. Tadeusz, on the other hand, played back, reminding Karol of his apparent overweight. The four heroes lived in great friendship, despite the fact that the harshness was noticeable both between friends and in both couples. The iconic moment was when Alina asked Karol to put on a frame as part of his disguise. He was supposed to play the “picture of poverty and despair”. The phrases known from the series, ie “Don’t Karoluj mi now” and “Home Tadzik”, have entered pop culture.

“Honey Years” from the backstage. Not only TV viewers watched the show!

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“Honey Years” is one of the few sitcoms that have been played live! There were no doubles, cuts and artificial laughter in the background. The series was played on the stage of the theater, and already recorded it was sent to TV screens. Krawczyk’s apartment was a stage, and real guests came to this spectacle. Before the show, an announcer would appear, telling a joke, announcing the actors, encouraging the audience to relax and enjoy watching the show.

“Miodowe lata” is a series loved by viewers. Years later, these curiosities were revealed

A real treat for fans of the series has appeared on “Youtube”. A backstage video has been released where the actors and the director reveal secrets from the set. The film is entitled “How To Make Honey Years [ODCINEK SPECJALNY]”It lasts less than 22 minutes and is full of interesting facts. Artur Barcis tells, among other things, that the previously planned scenes did not look the same as a last resort. There were mistakes, improvisation, and the laughter that accompanied the audience, was also shared by the actors. Agnieszka Pilaszewska, who played the role of Alina, revealed that due to a mistake in the text she hid herself out of shame … under the table.

Honey years Youtube

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