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How Do I Get Rid of Fruit Flies? These trivial ways are reliable and cost pennies

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Fruit flies are small insects that can reach up to 3 mm in length. Although they live for a very short time, they can be a nuisance guest in our home, especially. They are attracted by the aroma of fruit vinegar. However, their presence should not be underestimated. They reproduce just as quickly, transferring microorganisms to food. How to effectively get rid of them? We advise.

Fruit flies – how to get rid of these insects? Start with cleaning up the kitchen

In order to minimize the risk of fruit flies appearing in our home, it is worth keeping the kitchen in order. This is where they find the most attractive fragrances. This can be avoided by remembering the following:

  • not leaving dirty dishes in the sink for too long, but also wet sponges,
  • regular cleaning of the sink and drain,
  • covering litter bins and emptying them regularly,
  • carefully closing containers in which we store food,
  • avoiding food items, especially fruit and vegetables, on the table or kitchen counter.

How Do I Get Rid of Fruit Flies? These homemade traps are foolproof

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However, when fruit flies make themselves comfortable in the kitchen, it is worth preparing a trap that will quickly get rid of the problem. It is enough to use the ingredients that most of us have in our kitchen every day:

  • fruit trap – ripe or slightly perishable fruit will be the most tempting to flies. It is enough to cut them into pieces and put them in a wide bowl, and then cover the top of the dish tightly with cling film. We stick the foil with a toothpick in several places. Once inside, they won’t get out of it anymore,
  • – the trap can be prepared in a similar way by replacing the fruit with apple cider vinegar,
  • vinegar – pour vinegar and dishwashing liquid into the jar in equal proportions, but do not mix. We leave such a trap uncovered.

Homemade way to make fruit flies. This smell will scare them away

In addition to keeping order in the kitchen, you can also use “scented deterrents”, which will discourage midges from staying in our house for longer. There are special electric scarers on the market, but we definitely do we recommend natural methods, and one of them is … minta. Their aroma will effectively drive the flies away. If we are lovers of it, it is worth the mint to appear in our kitchen for good. We can also use mint oils. It is enough to add a few drops to the water, and then wipe the kitchen countertop with such a mixture.

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